Darlin’ Dallasers Blogathon 2016 Links


Darlin’ Dallasers Blogathon


All the links to my first blogathon.. CLICK on the title to go to the page.


Here’s links to my First Blogathon on Darlin’ Dallasers which I ran in September 2016. The blogathon ran from 21st to 23 September 2016, to commemorate Larry Hagman’s Birthday. Larry Hagman starred as the iconic J.R. Ewing in the hit show Dallas (1978-91) Reviewers were asked to write a review on a film or TV programme starring any of the cast of the original series.

 Introducing My Darlin’ Dallasers Blogathon!  (Post)


Come and Join My Darlin’ Dallasers Blogathon (update)!  (Post)




 Who’s Doing What (Page)



Important Update to My Darlin’ Dallaser participants…  (Post)



 Final Blogathon Call for My Darlin’ Dallasers (Post)


 Welcome to my Day 1 of the Darlin’ Dallasers’ Blogathon!!! (Post)


 My Darlin’ Dallasers’ Blogathon Day 2 (Post)


 The Final Day of My Darlin’ Dallasers Blogathon. (Post)


 My Darlin’ Dallasers Blogathon 2016 Recap (Page)


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