Here’s Jack, Who’s Doing What


My Here’s Jack Blogathon Entries 2017…


A list of the participants and their choices for the Here’s Jack Blogathon, in which the actor Jack Nicholson’s 80th birthday is being celebrated.



Please note * means there is a duplicate as the max 2 people are reviewing it and therefore can’t be chosen to review now.

Five Easy Pieces (1970),  Cinematic Catharsis

The Departed (2006), Sean Munger  

Chinatown (1974), Movie Rob*  

Wolf (1994), Jack Nicholson Fans Club Italia*

Batman (1989), 80s Reboot Overdrive

One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), Seetimaar-Diary of a Movie Lover*

Little Shop of Horrors (1960), Seetimaar-Diary of a Movie Lover*

Mars Attacks! (1996), Emma K Wall

Terms of Endearment (1983), Kim at Tranquil Dreams*

The Shining (1980), Life of this City Girl  

Easy Rider (1969), Moon in Gemini

The Raven (1963),  Christine Wehner

Somethings Gotta Give (2003), Vinnie H

Prizzi’s Honor (1985), Movie Rob

As Good As It Gets (1997), Caz, Lets Go to the Movies

The Terror (1963), Critica Retro*

The Shining (1980), The Wonderful World of Cinema*

Terms of Endearment (1983),  Chars Movie Reviews*

Cry Baby Killer (1958), The Peytons Classics

Man Trouble (1992), Graduated Cylinder

One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), The Midnight Drive In*

Chinatown (1974), Silver Screenings*

Head (1968), A Shroud of Thoughts

Little Shop of Horrors (1960), Love Letters To Old Hollywood*

The Witches of Eastwick (1987), Realweegiemidget Reviews

Goin’ South (1978), Life’s Daily Lessons Blog
Jack Nicholson’s Life Story, In The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood
A Few Good Men (1992), Drew’s Movie Reviews
The Terror (1963), It Came From The Man Cave!*

30 thoughts on “Here’s Jack, Who’s Doing What

  1. I think it is unfair that only two duplicates are allowed. Nicholson is best known for about 8 of his films, and only roughly 4 films people know well and viewed most. I will not be participating because 2 films that I wanted to review are already chosen.

  2. My movie was so bad I now have writer’s block, ok maybe not that bad. Looking forward to everyone’s posts.

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