My Blogathons 2018



Links to my posts and pages on my Blogathons from this year along with the post I used.


Robin Williams Blogathon

For the Robin Williams blogathon I joined In The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood in celebrating this actor and his talent. For this blogathon, I reviewed Awakenings.


Marvellous Michael Caine Blogathon

For Michael Caine’s 85th birthday I held the Marvellous Michael Caine From Alfie to Zulu  Blogathon. My post was on 5 Michael Caine Mini Retro Reviews.


Kurt Russell Blogathon

And for my Kurt Russell Blogathon with Return to the 80s, I added a review on Escape from New York. (1981).


Great Hammer- Amicus blogathon

For my Great Hammer- Amicus blogathon with Barry from Cinematic Catharsis  I’m reviewing Asylum (1972).



Lovely Lee Grant Blogathon

For my Lovely Lee Grant Blogathon with Chris from Angelman’s Place  I’m reviewing Voyage of the Damned (1976).