Blogathons Joined January to June 2019 (inc) No 1-

A List of All the Blogathons I’ve added review links to in the first half of 2019, with a link to the blogger’s page…


These are Blogathons that I’m joining in 2019 along with the blog sites that ran them and my review choice. 


Blogathons coming soon are also listed.


No 1 For The Year, After Year Blogathon run by Movie Movie Blog Blog I added a post on Love & Mercy (2014).


No 2 For In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood and Maddy Loves Her Classic Films 2nd Remembering Barbara Stynwyck blogathon I’m adding a post on The Colbys (1985-87).



No 3 For Midnite Drive In and Hamlette’s Soliloquy Robots in Film Blogathon I’m adding an older post on Ex Machina (2015).



No 4 For the 90 Years of Jean Simmons Blogathon run by Phyllis Loves Classic Movies and The Wonderful World of Cinema, I’m adding a post on Dominique (1978).


No 5 For Sat in your Lap‘s Fondathon I’m writing a post on Futureworld (1976) with Peter Fonda.



No 6  For Dubsism and Return to the 80s Box Office Jocks Blogathon I’m adding my tribute post on Burt Reynolds.



No 7 For Maddy Loves Her Classic Films 3rd Annual Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon I’m adding a post about Torn Curtain (1966).



No 8 For Phyllis Loves Classic Movies 1st Annual Valentines Day “Meet Cute” Blogathon I’m reviewing 4 or 5 films with My Fave Meet Cute moments….



No 9 The Wonderful World of Cinema’s Arthur Kennedy’s Conquest of the Screen Blogathon I’m adding a review on The Presidents Plane is Missing (1972).



No 10 In Taking Up Room’s So Bad its Good Blogathon I’m adding a post on The Medusa Touch (1978).



No 11 In Moon in Gemini and Wide Screen World’s Richard Matheson’s Blogathon I’m adding my Wee Review on Somewhere in Time (1978).


No 12 For Dubsism’s The “Surprise The Cat” Blog-A-Thon I’m writing about The Legacy (1978).


No 13 For Dubsism‘s M Emmet Walsh Blog-A-Thon I’m writing about Blade Runner (1982).


No 14 For Shroud of Thoughts 5th Annual Favourite TV Episode I’m adding a post on Moonlighting, The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice”.



No 15 For Maddy Loves Her Classic Films Stewart Granger blogathon I’m adding a post on The Wild Geese (1978).




No 16 For Dubsism‘s The Cops Blog-A-Thon I’m writing about Gene Hunt from BBC TV’s Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes.