Blogathons Joined January to June 2019 (inc) No 1 – 37


A list of all the Blogathons I’ve joined in the first half of 2019… 


These are Blogathons that I joined in 2019 along with the blog sites that ran them and my review choice.  


No 1 For The Year, After Year Blogathon run by Movie Movie Blog Blog I added a post on Love & Mercy (2014).


No 2 For In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood and Maddy Loves Her Classic Films 2nd Remembering Barbara Stanwyck blogathon I reviewed The Colbys (1985-87).


No 3 For Midnite Drive In and Hamlette’s Soliloquy Robots in Film Blogathon I posted an older post on Ex Machina (2015).


No 4 For the 90 Years of Jean Simmons Blogathon run by Phyllis Loves Classic Movies and The Wonderful World of Cinema, I added a post on Dominique (1978).


No 5 For Sat in your Lap‘s Fondathon I wrote a post on Easy Rider (1969) with Peter Fonda.


No 6  For Dubsism and Return to the 80s Box Office Jocks Blogathon I contributed my tribute post on Burt Reynolds.


No 7 For Maddy Loves Her Classic Films 3rd Annual Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon I wrote a post about Lamb to the Slaughter an episode from Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1958).


No 8 For Phyllis Loves Classic Movies 1st Annual Valentines Day “Meet Cute” Blogathon I reviewed 4 or 5 films with My Fave Meet Cute moments...


No 9 The Wonderful World of Cinema’s Arthur Kennedy’s Conquest of the Screen Blogathon I added a review on A Summer Place (1959).


No 10 In Taking Up Room’s So Bad it’s Good Blogathon I added a post on The Medusa Touch (1978).


No 11 Best Supporting Actors in Singing Roles was the topic chosen for the 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon run by Once Upon a Screen, Outspoken and Freckled and Paula’s Cinema Club.


No 12 In Moon in Gemini and Wide Screen World’s Richard Matheson’s Blogathon I added my Wee Review on Somewhere in Time (1978).


No 13 For Dubsism’s The “Surprise The Cat” Blog-A-Thon I wrote about The Legacy (1978).


No 14 For Dubsism‘s M Emmet Walsh Blog-A-Thon I wrote about Blade Runner (1982).


No 15 For Shroud of Thoughts 5th Annual Favourite TV Episode I added a post on Moonlighting, The Dream Sequence Always Rings Twice”.


No 16 In Pop Culture Reverie’s The Mystery Blogathon I looked at The Return of the World’s Greatest Detective (1976)


No 17 In Love Letters to Old Hollywood’s 3rd Annual Doris Day blogathon I wrote about The Thrill of it All (1963).


No 18 For In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood‘s The Fourth Annual Bette Davis Blogathon I reviewed Madame Sin (1972).


No 19 Maddy Loves Her Classic Films Stewart Granger blogathon I added a post on The Wild Geese (1978).


No 20 For The Wonderful World of Cinema, Love Letters to Old Hollywood and The Flapper Dames’ Fourth Golden Boy,  William Holden Celebration I added a post on S.O.B (1981).


No 21 For The Film that Started it All Blogathon run by Let’s Go to the Movies I added my post on The Gift of Love (1978).


No 22 In Sister Celluloid‘s Salute to Audrey Hepburn Blogathon I added a post on Robin and Marian (1976).


No 23 For Pale Writer 2 and The Poppitys Joan Crawford: Queen of the Silver Screen Blogathon I’ve added a post on her role in The Karate Killers (1967) / The Man from UNCLE, Five Daughters Affair (1967).


No 24 For Classic Film and TV Cafe’s 5 Favourite Films from the 50s I looked at 5 of my Favourite 1950s British movies.


No 25 For Pop Culture Reverie’s Teen Movie Blogathon I reviewed Peggy Sue Got Married (1986).


No 26 For Dubsism‘s The Cops Blog-A-Thon I wrote about Hot Fuzz (2007).


No 27 In Ruth of Silver Screenings, Karen of Shadows & Satin and Kristina of Speakeasy‘s the Great Villain Blogathon I put in a post on Lex Luthor in Superman (1978).


No 28 For Overture Books and Film’s Jeanne Crain’s Blogathon I reviewed Skyjacked (1972).


No 29 For Taking Up Room‘s The Second Broadway Bound Blogathon I reviewed Chicago (2002).


No 30 For In The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood‘s Rosalind Russell Blogathon I reviewed her in Gypsy (1962).


No 31 For the Reel Infatuation Blogathon 2019 run by Silver Screenings and Font and Frock I added my review on The Great Gatsby (2013).


No 32 For Love Letters to Old Hollywood‘s Second Clark Gable Blogathon I wrote a review on Gable and Lombard (1976).


No 33 In the 4th Remembering James Horner Blogathon at Film Music Central I added a post on Brainstorm (1983).


No 34 In Movie Movie Blog Blog‘s Hotter’nell Blogathon I included my post on Vacation (2015).


No 35 For Midnite Drive In‘s Blizzard of Oz Blogathon I’ve added a post on Hollywood stars who hailed from Neighbours (1985-).


No 36 For Pale Writer 2′s The Calls of Cornwall: The Daphne du Maurier Blogathon I reviewed The Scapegoat (2012).


No 37 For Pop Culture Reverie‘s Made in 1944 Blogathon, I added a review on Arsenic and Old Lace (1944).