Who’s Doing What in the Home Sweet Home Blogathon 2021



Here are the entries and the bloggers for this blogathon on home and families.



These are the bloggers and their intended posts for the Home Sweet Home blogathon to be held in January 2021. All details of this blogathon are HERE if you want to sign up. Please remember no duplicates are allowed and only up to two entries per blogger.


Realweegiemidget Reviews… Heartburn (1986)

Taking Up Room… Far and Away (1992) and Pieces of April (2003)

Moon in Gemini… The Money Pit (1986)

Angelman’s Place… Since You Went Away (1944)

The Craggus… Coneheads (1993)

Until the Lights Go Up… Summer Wars (2009)

Cinematic Scribblings…  Thursday (1964)

Silver Screenings… The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)

Tales from The Freakboy Zone… Parents (1989)

Cinema Catharsis… Summer Days with Coo (2007)

Caftan Woman… Make Way For Tomorrow (1937)

Dubsism… Big Jake (1971)

The Oak Drive In… Our Mother’s House (1967)

Hometowns to Hollywood… It Happened on 5th Avenue (1947)

K N Winiarski…  You Can’t Take it with You (1938)

A Shroud of Thoughts… Secondhand Lions (2003)

Wide Screen World… Winchester (2018)

Critica Retro… Grey Gardens (1975)

Whimsically Classic… The Brady Bunch and their house and A Summer Place (1959)

John Rieber… The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)

Silver Screen Suppers… Jessica Fletcher’s home in Cabot Cove in the Murder She Wrote TV Series

Flapper Dame… A Place to Call Home (2013-18)

Retro Movie Buff… A Lion in Winter (1968)

Nuwan Sen’s Film Sense A Bollywood Movie (Title to be confirmed)

Spirochaete Trail… Fly Away Home (1996)

Stabford Deathrage… The Amityville Horror (1979)

DB Movies Blog... Nowhere in Africa (2001)

18, Cinema Lane… Taming Andrew (2000)

Thoughts All Sorts… Home from the Hill (1960)

A Scunner Darkly… The Crow Road (1996)

Silver Screen Classics… The Grapes Of Wrath (1940)

Daniberry… Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Andrew from Maniacs and Monsters…The Lodge (2019)

Michael from Maniacs and Monsters… Crimson Peak (2015)

Pfeiffer Pfilms and Meg Movies… One Fine Day (1996)

Hamlette’s Soliloquy… Mr Hobbs Takes a Vacation (1962)

The Sacred in the Secular... Lark Rise to Candleford (2008-11)

The Old Hollywood Garden... La Strada (1954)

Acting Funny…  Films with George and Lauren Smith

Katherine from The Maidens of Green Gables … Skylark (193)

Tiffany from the Pure Entertainment Preservation Society… The Time of Your Life (1948), which stars siblings James and Jeanne Cagney and was produced by their brother William Cagney and The Thin Man Goes Home (1945).

Diary of a Movie Maniac… Burnt Offerings (1976)  



18 thoughts on “Who’s Doing What in the Home Sweet Home Blogathon 2021

    • Not to late and the perfect choice with both family members and a house. Reviewed it myself ages ago so looking forward to your take on it. Love you to join the Joan Collins one too if you can…

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