Blogathons Joined 2017

These are other Blogathons I’m adding reviews to and I will add more details as they happen with a link to the blogger’s page.


No 1 In the Carole Lombard The Profane Angel Blogathon run by Phyllis loves Classic Movies and The Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood I added a review of Nothing Sacred (1937).


No 2  For the O Canada! Blogathon run by Ruth of Silver Screenings and Kristina of Speakeasy, I reviewed About Time (2013)


No 3 For the 31 Days of Oscar Blogathon run by Once Upon a Screen, I looked at 5 Best Actor Oscar Winners who have appeared in Superhero movies.


No 4 For the 90 Years of Sidney Poitier Blogathon I added a review of David and Lisa (1998). More about the Blogathon can be found HERE and is hosted by Virginie Pronovost at The Wonderful World of Cinema.





No 10 I will be adding a review on Conundrum, the last episode of Dallas (1978-91) for the Favourite TV Episode Blogathon run by Shroud of Thoughts.


No 11 For The Early Women Filmmakers Blogathon I’ll be reviewing TV Series directed by Ida Lupino, this blogathon hosted by Movies Silently.



No 12 In the Jack Lemmon Blogathon run by Critica Retro and Widescreen World, I’m putting in a review of Airport 77 (1977).


No 13 In The April Showers Blogathon run by Movie, Movie, Blog, Blog I’ll be looking at Shutter Island (2010)

No 14 For the Love Letters to Old Hollywood Doris Day Blogathon I’ll be adding a review on With Six you Get Egg Roll (1968).


No 15 In the Flapper Dame’s The Second Annual Classic Quotes Blogathon running from 7-9 April, I’ll be writing a post about As Good as it Gets (1997) in relation to the quote said by “You make me want to be a better man.” as said by Melvin Udall (Jack Nicholson).


No 16 For  Virginie Pronovost at The Wonderful World of Cinema’s 2nd Golden Boy Blogathon: a William Holden Celebration!, I’m reviewing Network (1976).


No 17 In the Great Villain Blogathon, I’m reviewing Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candie in Django Unchained (2012).  This blogathon is being held by Ruth of Silver Screenings, Karen of Shadows & Satin and Kristina of Speakeasy.



No 18 In The Favourite Film and TV Homes Blogathon run by Phyllis Loves Classic Movies and Love Letters to Old Hollywood,  I will be gittering about the Von Trapps home in the Sound of Music (1965).


No 19 For the Our Favourite Tearjerker Films I’m reviewing Harold and Maude (1971), this blogathon is run by Moon in Gemini.


No 20 For National Classic Movie Day Blogathon run by Classic Film and TV Cafe I’m writing about my Five Favourite Actors and Actresses of the Golden Age of Hollywood.


No 21 In Charlenes (Mostly) Classic Movie Reviews Blogathon Medicine in the Movies, I’m writing about K-Pax (2001).


No 22 In the Midnite Drive in and Phyllis Loves Classic Movies Favourite Director Blogathon, I’m reviewing Ed Wood (1994).



No 23 For the Dean Martin Centenary Blogathon I’m writing about him in The Canonball Run (1981), this blogathon is run by Musings of a Classic Film Addict.

No 24 For In the Good Old Days of Classic Hollywood’s The Judy Garland Blogathon , I’ll be reviewing Me and my Shadows (2001), a mini series about this actress.


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