Casting Couch


Here’s some real life (or my own fictional) casting choices…


Famous names cast my myself or considered behind the scenes for film, book and TV programme characters.


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4 Dracula Reawakenings

Casting Couch No 1

4 Dracula films with some bite…

Differently Dressed Dracula casts in four films over the ages…

5 Men who could be Bond

Casting Couch No 2

5 Bond-able, James Bond-able Boys for your perusal..

Here’s my selection – of 4 Brits and an American – for the next James Bond should the powers that be need them..

5 Dream Doctor Who Assistants

Casting Couch No 3

Doctor Who’s that girl? 5 Conceivable Capaldi Companions.

Here’s 5 members of the Actress world who I would have picked if I’d been one of the in people who got to choose a possible future Doctor Who companion for Peter Capaldi…