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The Witches of Eastwick (1987)

Conjuring up the man of their dreams turns into a real nightmare for three women... Three women discuss their ideal man one stormy evening. He suddenly materialises in the shape of Daryl Van Horne as he moves to their hometown that same night. But is he all he seems?

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With Six You Get Egg Roll (1968)

And Then There Were Six... Doris Day's last movie, a romantic comedy about dating, second marriages and blended family life. 

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Legend (2015)

Main Features No 54 Twin Gangster Roles for a Hardy Actor. The true biopic of the life, loves and criminal career of the Kray Twins both played by Tom Hardy.

1980s, Blogathon, Comedy, Film Review, Main Features, Pop Star, Romance

Gregory’s Girl (1981)

Main Features No 46 Gormless Gregory Gets a Girl. A charming coming of age Scottish film from Bill Forsyth from the early 1980s about adolescent love, football and girls.