My Collaborations Pages


These pages will tell you about blog and podcast collaborations I’ve taken part in while writing this blog… 


These are past and present collaborators with this blog.


CLICK on the collaboration title to go to the page. 


RQC PReviews

These are my preview review posts written for 2 Reel Quirky Cats, my collaboration with Thoughts All Sorts.

3 or 4 Previews can be found under each theme, relating to my choice, Thoughts All Sorts Choice, the monthly poll winner and our Guest Posts.  

Retro Rambling’s Top 5 Tuesdays

These are my random list posts written for my collaboration with Retro Rambling.

These posts are published weekly on a random variety of topics with links to the other participants.

Cinema Shame 2018, My 11 to Watch

The 11 films and the January post that explains all…

Joining in Cinema Shame’s collaboration with the 11 films I’ll be watching this year…

Those movies I’ve vowed to watch in 2018 and to learn more and watch the list go down in January’s post.

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