FILMS… Edge of Tomorrow (2014)



A top gun goes time travelling to be met by a blunt sergeant…


Cage, a PR man is sent to the battlefield by his superiors. After being killed by an alien, he finds himself on a time loop.


Edge of Tomorrow – Official Trailer 1 [HD], Warner Bros. Pictures


The Tom Cruise in a battle against the aliens time travel film, Edge of Tomorrow (2014) won hands down as your favourite Time Travel movie. With a massive 23 voting on Twitter and just the one (big thanks to whoever you are) on WordPress.  So the film choice will be of some relief this is not a time travel in the name of love, as my and Cat’s choices About Time (2013) and The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009) were. But instead, it’s a sci-fi war movie..  and surprisingly not even a cameo of Rachel McAdams in sight.


About the poll…

So before I launch into my review of this movie’s trailer, here’s how you voted.. and thanks for your lovely comments too.

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About the plot…

The world is being invaded by aliens called the Mimics, and we’ve Tom Cruise as Major William Cage, a Public Relations man. A man with no battle experience and who is made to join the battle against these forces. He joins the battle and finds after he “dies” after he kills a Mimic, that he’s on a time loop after being infected by their blood.

The time loop takes him to one day before the battle every time. During a time loop experience, he meets Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt). She asks him to find her when he wakes up again. This is so the pair can improve his battle techniques and use his time travel abilities to win the war…


About the trailer…

So onto the trailer,  Cruise as Cage tells someone – and the audience – that they must listen to him as their “lives depend on it.”  Which immediately gets your attention, as it’s Cage telling them and us, rather than the man with the voice (whose voice tbh has been missed in the last two Reel Quirky Cats posts). Cue jets and is that the white cliffs of Dover (?), explosions and battle action! Cage adding in his suspense ridden narrative.. this isn’t the first time they’ve had the conversation…and the trailer music goes all wonky.

Then there are more battle scenes and Cage apparently dying. So before you think hey that was just a Tom cruising in for a wee cameo, you recall he’s in a time travel movie. So we’ll see him again…and again. And again. Then we get told this movie by the director who brought you The Bourne Identity (2002) and Mr and Mrs Smith (2005). And if like me who can’t remember who it is, (consults IMDB) it’s…… Doug Liman. Then it gets all dark as we find out they’ll fail, but hey ho time travelling Tom Cage is on the case now…

Then somewhere against shots that vaguely remind me of a first shooter game with more explosions, he spots Emily Blunt as Vrataski. And the only other recognisable famous face in the battle scenes, which helped (a lot). “Come and find me, when you wake up,” she says. Before a massive explosion and they both blow up. So we’ll see him and her again…and again. And again. And you wonder is this a love interest?

So he does… seeing Vrataski in a propaganda poster and then seeking her out. She tells him he’s obtained this time travel ability from the aliens (which no doubt Tiny Tom would like for real after that The Mummy (2017) film disaster). This time travel thing happened for her too, once. And Vrataski wants him to use this power to win the war, and who better than our fave Brat Packer does all-action hero guy. And she’ll train him.. (which should be interesting with the number of chick flicks under her belt). But I know I shouldn’t just see these two in their usual roles but it’s super hard.

More flashbacks or shots of Vrataski in action. Then more and more action shots,  with London.. that is definitely Big Ben. And more Cruise and more Blunt. Cage on a motorbike as that’s what Cruise does (see Top Gun (1986) and Mission Impossible film (somewhere between the first one and last one.). The more famous tagline “Live. Die. Repeat” flashing up within these shots isn’t the name of the film. But it is part of the name of the DVD. As everyone remembered this tag rather than the film, more than its actual title.

And we see Cruise Cage in full battle mode throughout the trailer, including the bit where he has a gun bigger than him. He adds he’s not a soldier, Vrataski tells him bluntly curtly he’s a weapon.. and with that wee cliff-hanger that’s that. But don’t blink or you’ll miss the two shots with the aliens in the superfast montages… So until you see them in the trailer – or in the movie – it really is a case of Watch. Live. Repeat.



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