FILMS… The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009)



Have you the time for this time travelling husband…? I don’t…


A romantic drama about a wee girl meets a time travelling man who says he changed her life.. as he became her husband.


The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009) Official Trailer – Rachel McAdams Movie HD, Movieclips Trailer Vault


I know I should judge a film by its trailer. With this movie, I remember on its release a friend said her husband was taking her to see this soppy romance which admittedly appealed to me at the time. He shrugged and said Rachel McAdams was in it with a wee grin. Which it does. Sadly.

I do love her in movies, and Eric Bana is kind of appealing.. thought he was great in Special Correspondents (2016). He’s been nicknamed Lucky Eric after he starred in The Other Boleyn Girl (2008) with Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman. And this is the turn for him to court Rachel McAdams.

As I’ve never seen this film, part of me feels I should do as I confess I hated it. This after watching the trailer for this preview for The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009).  Primarily as I just wanted to scream “He’s a shit!” to Rachel McAdams’ Clare, the movie’s heroine.

She is on par with that wee gullible Jamie of Outlander (2014-) with her loving a man who I suspected was a bit of a cad. Jamie having a similar nightmarish situation with his Claire – of her and her loved one – disappearing then reappearing in the name of time travel.


About the plot…

So the plot of this Best Selling book adaptation is as follows. A six-year-old girl, Clare meets Henry, a man with a genetic abnormality who can time travel. He woos her at various parts of her life – appearing randomly and naked – and becomes her husband. The story tells how Henry as a kid in the 1970s, he escapes death due to this gene, in an accident where his mother is killed. So instead of trying to save her, this child decides to use it – as Tim did in About Time (2013) – to meet and wed a Rachel McAdams character.

Henry meets Clare in 1991, she’s happy to meet him (again) and it’s the first meeting for him, but not for her. She tells him that his future self visited her as a kid and they’d meet in the future. At 18 he kissed her, and since then she’s been waiting to meet him as she believes they will get married…


About the trailer…

The trailer starts with Clare as a young happy wee girl running somewhere – with a bag and a blanket – past a big house, it’s all greeny and pretty. It’s hard to say where as it merges with another scene. Is it a garden, field…?

Anyway not to matter, Rachel McAdams as grown-up Clare tells us that she first meets Henry (Eric Bana), our time traveller at the age of 6. Cue same wee Clare and older Henry in a blanket (explained in movie plot why which here now concerns me as a stepmother and human being). So it kind of like Matt Smith’s Doctor Who Raggedy Man references.. but he hasn’t come for Fish Fingers and custard. No siree.

The man introduces himself as Henry, who mansplains to her that he will meet her when “she’s a lady” and he doesn’t freak her out. Comes out with some gumf –  ie crap  – about how gravity and big events pull him in. Clare happily gushes “I’m a big event” just in case you confused her with gravity I assume…and then he disappears into thin air.

We then have Claire gushing about how she’s waited her whole life for him (well he did look like Bana) and she has noted down all the times he’s stalked visited her. (Which is good info for her mother and father to take to the cops who can be there waiting for him. With handcuffs. If required.).

Anyway, back to our heroine in lots of soppy moments with Henry and Clare, which to her are “kinda magical” and the reviewer “kinda creepy”. Where’s her BFF friend telling her he’s a hopeless case..? Maybe they tried and failed to get through to her. And died trying. Literally.

After probably some soft focus sex, Henry proposes marriage and she says no. Hastily changing her reply to yes (I assume before he disappears and doesn’t come back). Cue a wedding day – he disappears after jumping up and down on the bed leaving his wedding ring. – (Bastard.) – and a scene with Clare in the bath with a bump.

So judging from Henry’s response he’s happier that she’s pregnant and not eaten too many doughnuts waiting for him. Anyway, Henry says some blurb about meeting their daughter in the future and she’s lovely (of course). This leads to an adorable daughter shot.

Then, we see some bad times for the pair with shots to match, he can’t control his time travel (so I mentally let him off for disappearing on their wedding day) and she feels fed up with spending life waiting for him (wouldn’t you, even if he was Eric Bana). But followed with some good.. soppy happily together shots. The soundtrack’s lyrics correspond with the happenings in the trailer. It’s that contrived.

Then the Based on the Best Selling Novel gambit is there on the screen, to put some doubt in my head. And you subconsciously check out the book, which I did, but wish I didn’t.  Then who the stars are… just to say which stars did this deed. And it’s PG 13 Rating, I assume so 6-year-old kids don’t think this is acceptable behaviour by a naked grown man to get a date, let alone a wife.



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