FILMS… Scream (1996)



Scream with fear or laughter at this parody slasher flick…


In the last of our Horror Comedies, you voted for Scream (1996) where a serial killer kills in the style of Horror movies.


Official Trailer: Scream (1996), N. B.


So in the reader’s vote, another of Thoughts All Sort’s movie preview choices won the day. You voted the best comedy horror movie as… Scream (1996) won the voting hands down. And bizarrely the second of her choices, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1992) led the votes on the WordPress vote.

Both horror genres, however, were nice wee changes to the previously reviewed movies of a different (Zombie) kind with Scream falling into the mystery slasher horror comedy category… and Buffy being a bit of a vampire destroyer.


About the poll…

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About the plot…

So to the plot, of Scream. The film stars more than a few familiar faces…including Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Liv Tyler Neve Campbell and Drew Barrymore. The film starts by introducing us to Casey (Barrymore) who is telephoned by the killer. He asks questions about her interest in horror films, and this ends in a dark moment (or two).

The press invades the town as a result of these eerie happenings headed by Courtney Cox as reporter Gale Weather.  We meet a female protagonist, Sidney (Campbell) whose mother was murdered a year ago. She is the first to be victimised by the sinister Ghostface but fights him off.

Ghostface is also considerably less scary looking than the alleged William Shatner mask used in Halloween (1978) movies. And suspicion falls on a number of characters as the face behind the mask. At a party, a number of Ghostface’s victims die in a number of more predictable grisly horror trope ways, as the possible murderer’s identity, his corpses and the fun poke at tropes pile up…


About the trailer… 

This horror slasher trailer starts with a true horror cliché mode in this Wes Craven comedy horror. The phone rings. Drew Barrymore’s Casey answers the phone… a creepy yet masterful voice quizzes her on her name and what she’s doing. She is making popcorn (trope 3 or is it 4) as all horror gals do. She’s kinda flirty but her face and feelings rapidly change to fear, as he says he’s watching her.. cue spooky time. This leads to a few more clichés and tropes backed up with clips from the movie.

Then we meet Neve Campbell (not to be confused with Liv Tyler but the two could be interchangeable and 9/10 people wouldn’t notice) as our leading lady, Sidney. Sidney has seen the Horror slasher movies and she says knows the clichés. And despite the fact she knows them, she appears to be inept at stopping the slasher as he knows the rules too (hence the numerous sequels), and kills using these as his handy guide.

And then the rules of all horror movies are outlined by one of her cronies – possibly for the benefit of newbies to the genre – and also in an obvious move to promote the film. With even more clips to support his list. But this is an imaginative way of showing the highlights of the movie to promote it to both sexes. The rules flashed out in screen font in a frightening skeleton white disintegrating before your eyes into a bloody red…

If you were new to this genre, this trailer alone would be the perfect introduction to these films. And you could safely watch the Halloween franchise with your newfound knowledge. The slasher films are well and good fodder for parody films. The Scream series also inadvertently gave the writer of Scary Movie (2000) title for his parody to a parody or homage to a homage. Or any other possible combination of these words.

To be honest, despite my love of a good homage and parody,  the titles and film posters and plots of these put me off from the get go. These compared to the endless parodies after this on everything and anything which included Vampires Suck (2010) and Disaster Movie (2008) which admittedly I haven’t dared watch.  

However, I’ve still to see the films that followed this one up in the Scream film series. Namely the less confusing second to fourth episodes of the franchise and the TV series. Like all good films, there’s nothing like a tv series to ruin all possible affiliations on the movie. Apart from a select – and I mean select few. So to end with a wee request, can we stop now with these TV Series of the From Dusk til Dawn, 12 Monkeys etc series with their film tie ins and if you’re lucky one famous name in the first episode. I will scream bloody murder until you do.



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