FILMS… Warm Bodies (2013)


A Zombie’s Love is Infectious…


A Zombie falls for a living girl and his love has an effect on his fellow Zombies…


Warm Bodies Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Zombie Movie HD

This week, the choice of trailer falls on Thoughts All Sorts who chose a trailer for a movie that I’d idly thought about watching and hadn’t got round to yet. So following the apparent theme within this theme of Zombie Comedies, this review is on Warm Bodies (2013).

With the two other reviews so far, my choice of Cockneys vs Zombies (2012) and our guest post from Shanannigans on Shaun of the Dead (2004) we’ve explored zombies as the soulless, unfeeling undead. So now here it’s time for an alternative look at this theme, as we meet a zombie with a heart…


About the plot…

So to sum up, R (Nicholas Hoult) is a zombie who lives in an airport with a horde of other zombies including his best friend, M (Rob Corddry). Who he has a kinda monosyllabic bromance with. He meets a real live girl, Julie Grigio (Teresa Palmer), a human when he’s out foraging for food ie human brains. After killing then eating her boyfriend Perry’s brain, R gets all Perry’s memories and thoughts.

Then R inevitably falls in love with Julie. As Zombies don’t, according to her father Colonel Grigio (John Malkovich) who is like the rest of human kind, anti-Zombies.  He sees them as soulless, unfeeling and that they have no remorse. Yet over time, the initially frightened,  Julie realises R’s different from the rest of the horde. And that he has feelings… and over time she begins to trust him as the pair spend more time together…


About the trailer…

After watching the trailer, I was happy to see the inclusion of two of my favourite actors adding to this movie, albeit in supporting roles. I’ve always got a soft spot for John Malkovich since Burn After Reading (2008) and RED (2010), so it was a lovely unexpected surprise seeing him in this film.

Secondly another yay moment, Rob Corddry also stars here, and he was great in Hot Tub Time Machine (2010) and Seeking a Friend for the End of the World (2012). However, admittedly it was hard to watch Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015). I couldn’t watch this sequel, after 10 minutes as it felt kinda lame without John Cusack. But I digress…

The trailer is narrated by R,  a rather eloquent, kinda cute, young Zombie man. R guides us through this comedy horror movie trailer with a rather good American accent from a boy from Berkshire, Nicholas Hoult. He can’t remember who he is, just his name starts with an R. R is concerned he can’t connect with people, yet aware he’s a Zombie. He lives an apparently Zombie like existence moaning and shuffling around with his arms outstretched. As film Zombies sometimes do.

R is seen as different from the others in that he’s got a best friend M (Corddry) who moans a lot – literally, and Darlin’ Husband says reminded him of the sound Minecraft ones make –  and he feels kinda conflicted in this his only food choice.  Also, these particular Zombies have a fearsome foe, called Boneys. Which are scary skeleton dudes and therefore not as cute as they sound. They kill anything with a heart.

So R’s life changes on meeting a blonde lass called Julie (who isn’t played by Kirsten Stewart from Twishite). Anyway, it appears R has feelings after all. Of course, her Zombie killing father (Malkovich) doesn’t believe her and her BFF (Analeigh Tipton) does. And R and Julie’s love then appears to infect all the zombies. The living humans are confused by these zombies who all suddenly develop hearts. Especially when M speaks to them in a more human way rather than moans.

So it does look like a good trailer and the film now top of the to review list, and so thanks for bringing it to my notice Thoughts All Sorts! There’s already review titles flooding my mind such as About a Zombie, Close Encounters of the Zombie Kind and Love in the Time of Zombies. So tune in here for that review soon… but with a few more blogathons and about five more reviews in my head, do you think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew?



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13 thoughts on “FILMS… Warm Bodies (2013)

  1. Lovely review! Hope you enjoy this movie – it is really sweet. (Says she who hasn’t watched it in full).
    Malkovich is awesome in RED but my eye tended to stray to Agent Cooper…

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