My RQC Guilty Pleasures


Here’s my reviews of the Guilty Pleasure previews written as One of the Two Reel Quirky Cats…


Preview review posts on Point Break (1991),  The Lake House (2006) and 27 Dresses (2008).


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FILMS… Point Break (1991)

An Undercover FBI Keanu Wants to be a Surfer Man…

A newbie, undercover FBI agent hopes to assist in the arrest of the bank robbing, Ex-Presidents team. For this he goes undercover and becomes a surfer.

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FILMS… 27 Dresses (2008)

27 Times the Bridesmaid…

You voted for this guilty pleasure, where Jane is always the bridesmaid, with 27 frocks to prove it. She meets a reporter at a wedding and he’s fascinated with her and her story.

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