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1980s Favourite music videos from big and wee screen stars…


My favourite music videos from the 1980s who are for me are reel record stars.



For the 80s League, blog and podcast cross over this month, we were given the topic of our favourite 80s Music Videos. 


As a 1980s kid, I only really got into music then briefly with the usual boyband suspects – Wham!, Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet. I did however enjoy music videos with my then beloved actors and actresses of telly and film. Or those featured in film soundtracks as you saw more of the movie.

Notable mentions at this time, included Chevy Chase in Paul Simon’s You Can Call Me Al video. Admittedly his appearance confused me the first time around. But not to the extent where I hunted down a copy of Chase’s apparent single. The other mention is the When The Going Gets Tough Billy Ocean video. Here, I thought the appearance of the Romancing the Stone (1984) The Jewel in the Nile (1985) cast was priceless. Also, I believed Danny DeVito’s solo on the saxophone was one of the most 1980s iconic musical moments.

Luckily there was no confusion later on in the decade when actors on the big and wee screen decided to sing for themselves and released lots and lots of records accompanied by some fantastic videos. So read on to see 5 of my faves and then you can decide if it was a good or bad thing.


Don Johnson sings Heartbeat (1986)

Don Johnson – Heartbeat, DonJohnsonVEVO

This record was released in 1986, at a time when Don Johnson was better known as half of the crime-fighting duo, Crockett and Tubbs in Miami Vice (1984-90). So in his wisdom, he decided to release this record and it’s very annoyingly catchy in the 1980s kinda way.

The video almost plays like an episode of his famous series. But with the addition of the now musical legend singing his wee heart out.  Also stars Johnson’s 1980s jackets – with compulsory turn-ups on the jacket sleeves – and the backing gals’ big 1980s hair makes it addictive viewing.

All that’s missing is a sax. Memorable lyrics include, “I’ve been standing by the fire but I just can’t feel the heat”  and “I’m looking for a heartbeat beating like mine.” Finally, if the intercut apparent conspiracy story isn’t actually a Don Johnson 1980s movie it should be…


Bruce Willis sings Save The Last Dance for Me (1989)



Kylie and Jason – Especially For You – Official Video, PWL
Yet another tear-jerker of a video storyline with Kylie Minogue, as part of this loved up duo. Kylie  – then 1980s star of Aussie soap, Neighbours (1985) and The Delinquents (1989) – stars with her fellow Neighbours soap star and on-screen lover/husband Jason Donovan. Admittedly the lyrics are more vomit-inducing than soppy with the worst best example being..
And if dreams were wings, you know I would have flown to you.


Not surprisingly this was a number 1 hit in the UK where even being Paul Robinson – also in Neighbours – guaranteed a record contract. It even reached the Top 5 in Finland. Kylie added this to a whole list of the 1980s No 1’s. These hits included her debut single I Should Be So Lucky to the cover of The Locomotion. The latter Kylie song led to one of my best 1980s moments, where on my first holiday in Belgium without parents of any kind, my best friend (now of 30+ years) introduced this song and its actions to it to me, holidaymakers and the Belgians alike…  



12 thoughts on “FILMS, TV and MORE… Hollywood Hitmakers from the 1980s

    • Excellent thanks for the tip – for that alone will have to add Guardians of the Galaxy sound track to the Guilty Pleasures pages xx Will add you and this to the inevitable review xx


  1. Love your take on this topic. I was always partial to Bruce Willis’s version of “Respect Yourself”. The video always reminds me of the sarcastic and fun David Addison character from Moonlighting. We may have to put you on a suspension for the 80’s League for bringing up this Don Johnson song, who told him that he could sing? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Willis’ version of Under the Boardwalk was my fave then, but he had me at this video being the soppy girlie that I am- Johnson is a bit of a guilty pleasure as my dad loved him in Miami Vice and this video is just crazy. Still convinced it’s a Don Johnson film that plays out in the video and possibly the love theme. depending on you to put me right on thisxx


  2. Aahh! Great post! I had no idea Don Johnson could sing! And I’d forgotten just how much I was in love with Bruce Willis back in those days – that little smile gets me every time! The Patrick Duffy video is… I’m trying to think of the word… er… unique! Still, maybe I could turn the sound down and just look at his face…

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