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A Pale Writer is Mad about the Ladd…


Never one to resist a tag, I entered the Laddish world of gifs and pics.

The Great Gatsby Trailer, MovieTrailer.IO, dailymotion


My tagger (is that a word?) for this post is the lovely Gabriela from Pale Writer who is obsessed about Alan Ladd. Almost as much as I am about Dallas (1978-91), the original series which is mentioned HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.  Not forgetting HERE.  Where I chose my first blogathon theme round my favourite entertainment thing ever, Gabriela went one better.

This as Gabriela then invited the blogging world to join her in this obsession with a second tribute – with her impending blogathon starting today – and dedicated to all things Alan Ladd. She asking us – via this page HERE – to find our favourite gif and four fabulous pictures of her favourite blond haired adonis (with I believe Helmut Berger now added to her list of lovelies).

This the mission I chose to accept… and the rules here:

  • Please add the name and link to the person/blogger who tagged you. Also add Pale Writer with a link to her blog and the original post HERE.
  • Please post your four favourite pictures of Alan Ladd and your favourite gif of this actor.
  • Say why you love your four pictures and your gif.
  • Tag four others who are classic film loggers or within the film community on twitter.
  • Add these rules.

Anyway now to the task in hand. Admittedly, I have not seen this actor or remembered him in anything. So  I skipped merrily to his imdb and Wikipedia page to relearn what films he’d done. His imdb page with a tribute with a clip of a Steve Martin movie (I had heard of), Dead Men Dont Wear Plaid (1982). I also learned the fact he’s related to Charlie’s Angels (1976-81) Cheryl Ladd. The gif and pictures were then procured from a wee search on this actor.


The Gif…

Starting with the Gif, with which I assume (correct me if I’m wrong) is from (or inspired by) his wee role in Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. This gif was picked as this movie has on the to watch (and review) list for the cast list alone. The film has mash up of Steve Martin with some Golden Hollywood Greats in a 1980s, black and white film with a touch of the neo-noir.

I knew this cast had a list of cameo appearances a mile long including everyone from Ingrid Bergman to Bette Davis and Burt Lancaster to Cary Grant. But I didn’t realise this cast list included Alan Ladd as the enigmatically named The Exterminator, which sounds like of ominous but cool.



Pic 1

After seeing James Garner in a chunky jumper in The Great Escape (1963), I’ve adored seeing actors similarly attired. Especially in Christmas jumpers (see Curt Jurgens in the Man from Uncle film The Karate Killers (1967)) or just chunky ones (see cast of North Sea Hijack / ffolkes (1980) especially Roger Moore and Antony Perkins and Richard Todd in The Picture of Dorian Gray (1970).  Don’t ask me why,  I don’t know myself.. but hey ho.



Pic 2

The Gif choice brings me to my next picture which has all those Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid special appearances including Mr Ladd. I like this picture now – thanks to various blogathons – I can recognise more of the cast in this Golden Hollywood star line up. This will be useful as a checklist should you watch this film. Its also nice to see Ladd almost got top billing in this starry line up with more stars than your average disaster film.


Pic 3

This picture was chosen after I learnt he played this role and searched for a picture. from his titular role in The Great Gatsby (1949). This one has three other lovely actors who played this character (sigh). I haven’t seen Alan Ladd in his portrayal, but have seen bits of the Robert Redford one and all of the Leonard DiCaprio one (of course). I am now super intrigued to see Alan Ladd in this movie. Especially now as I’ve read the always splendid, Shelley Winters is in the cast.



Pic 4

I love this picture as I like as I adore behind the scenes and photos of stars off screen just being themselves. I’d love to be a fly on the wall watching Ladd with lovely Joan Crawford and his wife. Equally I’d love to know more on this picture of where they were, what was said and what happened next.



So for this tag I’m now tagging / reminding my four lovely ladies to continue this tag…


and as this now part of Gabriela’s blogathon so on behalf of me and Gabriela, I’m now also opening this to everyone else…


The Man Who Would Be Shane Blogathon No 86

This review was added to Pale Writer 2′s The Man Who Would Be Shane Blogathon. Other posts with those stars mentioned in this post include those who starred in Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. George Gaynes stars in Tootsie  which is reviewed here and here. Ingrid Bergman stars in Murder on The Orient Express and Indiscreet,  Joan Crawford in The Man from UNCLE, Ava Gardner in Knots Landing and The Kidnapping of the President and Bette Davis in Madame Sin and Burnt Offerings. Cary Grant stars in North by Northwestand An Affair to Remember,  Burt Lancaster in The Cassandra Crossing, Charles Laughton in The Paradine Case, Fred MacMurray in The Apartment and The Swarm and Vincent Price in Catchfire / Trackback.

7 thoughts on “FILMS… Mad About Ladd Tag

  1. Thank you for another tag! Alan Ladd is such a good actor. Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid is a fun, creative movie, and you reminded me that I still haven’t watched Ladd as Gatsby. Also, you chose very nice pictures.
    I’ll send you the link when I answer it.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gill you have outdone yourself! I couldn’t have hoped for a better first response to my tag! I also want to see Alan as Gatsby. His son said that he is the best one in the role because he had a similar background to Gatsby. That picture of him in his reindeer jersey is alarmingly sexy! Sweet dreams tonight indeed😍

    Liked by 1 person

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