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Gittering All About Superheroes…


Joining in the superfun tag in Hamlette’s Soliloquy’s Superheroes Week.



It’s We Love Superheroes Week over at Hamlette’s Soliloquy. So recently as I added my post of Mystery Men (1999) to the festivities, I noticed the tagging post on all things superhero. And as you know I can’t resist a tagging post.

Particularly, if it relates to those hot guys in Spandex or armour such as the lovely Mr Hemsworth. An actor who in my eyes is a superhero not just as Thor but he also saved the movie Vacation (2015)… and probably made that Ghostbusters (2016) recent reboot more bearable. I say probably, as haven’t dared watch this due to loyalty to Murray et al.

Now onto Hamlette’s supertag superquestions…


1. Who are your favorite superheroes? (Go ahead and list up to five if you want!)

Up to 5 – she knows me well, as might just gitter here… but to the point… DeadpoolThor, Captain Amazing, Iron Man and Superman (but only when Christopher Reeve). Can I add a sneaky sixth? If so, Antman.

With a wee update now having read my hostess’ post on this subject as gittering is allowed…

deadpoolDeadpool because he makes me laugh and I love his devotion to his girl and always fun trailers and pop culture references. And the soundtrack was Fantastic (another Wham reference). Wrote about him here… CLICK HERE.

thorThor – Loved his fun banter with Loki in the last Thor movie but now feel a wee bit cheated didn’t get this in the first and second time. Also, he’s quite easy on the eye, which helps.. sadly missed his appearance in Dr Strange as that film just didn’t appeal. Even the thought of seeing him appear at the end didn’t sell it to me. As that’s what fast forward is for isn’t it. Gittered about him more here.. CLICK HERE.


Captain Amazing – Love Greg Kinnear and he was perfect casting,  played perfectly and best thing in the Mystery Men Movie. Did I mention he’s Greg Kinnear. Reviewed here.. CLICK HERE.

Iron Man – because he reminds me of my husband, both humour and geeky wise, and was the funniest of those Avenger dudes til Thor 3.  Gittered about a wee bit here… CLICK HERE.


Superman – Loved the original movies as they were funny and Reeve was cast brilliantly. Totally convincing in both Superman and Clark Kent. And not as he is now where Cavill just puts on his spectacles.  Review if you CLICK HERE..


Antman – because I love that Paul Rudd made a funny superhero movie which was really appreciated after those more recent DC movies. Talked about here.. CLICK HERE

(And as you can see from the amount of CLICK HEREs I do tend to watch rather a lot of movies and review them like crazy…)


2. What’s your favorite superhero movie?

Deadpool (2016)

Deadpool (2016) as explained in this post I wrote earlier… HERE. But to sum up, love his humour, his pop culture references and his devotion to his gal. And so looking forward to the sequel, dare I say much more than Avengers: Infinity War (2018) and Antman and the Wasp (2018).


3. Do you have a favorite superhero couple?

As a superhero couple who should could have been Aunt May and Iron Man as seen in their flirty relationship in Captain America’s Civil War (2016). This when Marisa Tomei was Aunt May, not Sally Field. Although the latter with Robert Downey Jnr could have been interesting. But sadly he recoupled with Pepper Potts. And he even proposed to her… why? Especially with Pepper making him get rid of all those Iron Man suits…aaaaaaaargh.


4. What was your introduction to the world of superheroes?

With Superman

Superman (1978) – loved Christopher Reeve’s chemistry with Margot Kidder. Gene Hackman undoubtedly the best Lex Luthor. And had the bonus for me as a Dallas fan of Larry Hagman (JR Ewing) in the cast…


5. If you could be any superhero for a day, who would you like to be?

Black Widow – who wouldn’t want to be her surrounded by those hot superhero dudes all day. But would pair her off with either Hawkeye or Thor. Not a big fan of the Hulk (or Doctor Strange so please not him if she falls out with The Hulk).


6. Do you have a favorite supervillain?

Loki, love his humour, one liners and banter with his brother Thor. This especially in the first of his appearances, in the days before Thor 3 (2017).  In the current superhero movies, the rest of the villains feel a bit bland in comparison.


7. Can you think of a superhero who should get their own solo film, but hasn’t yet?

Black Widow but not if it was a rom com… otherwise Captain Amazing … really liked Greg Kinnear as this role in Mystery Men, and felt a wee bit cheated as not enough screen time for his character in the movie. So like to see more of Captain Amazing’s superhero doings as a kind of prequel, possibly showing his first encounter with Casanova Frankenstein. With all the Mystery Men original cast reprising their roles.


8. Do you read comic books?

No, just watch all the movies.. as married to a superhero fan as well as stepmother to one who likes the villains and one who likes the superhero dudes.


9. Why do you like superheroes?

Do love their action and storylines. But the best bits are like their fun scenes with their real or potential love interests – but not that nagging Pepper Potts – as they just seem more normal then. That scene in Captain Americas Civil War where The Winter Soldier eggs Captain America on to make a move on his much older, now dead girlfriend’s niece was wonderful. As was Natalie Portman’s Jane when she met Thor..


10. Have you ever cosplayed as a superhero? Feel free to share pics if you want!

Twice – once as Kick Ass‘s Hit Girl and once as The Watchmen‘s Silk Spectre  … let’s just say the pictures are out there in t’internet (thanks to a pal).

Anyway, a big thanks to the lovely Hamelette for such a superfun week so far…



2 thoughts on “FILMS… We Love Superheroes Week Tag

  1. christopher reeve is the best superman in my opinion. haven’t seen antman so I can’t decide if I like him or not.

    superman was also my introduction to superheroes.

    I don’t normal like villains but Loki, I like him, at least he’s not pretentious and he’s a lot of fun to watch

    have a lovely day.

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