With Cinema Shame.. My Statement for 2018


Realweegiemidgets Eleven…


The films I vowed to watch this year.



Whilst browsing through the newly released WordPress film related posts I came across a post written by B Noir Detour outlining a fun collaboration for 2018.  In this you choose a number of films from your movie to watch pile and vow to watch and review them. Sounds simple enough, and as my pile is increasing daily I thought this was the ideal New Year’s resolution. With the natty banner made by lovely Rebecca from Taking Up Room…with her list here.

The idea is originally from Cinema Shame with more information and more on the rules are found here. Cinema Shame asks you to list your chosen movies you vow to watch in 2018 and tell a bit about them in your January post, as a Shame Statement. And they will add a wee monthly post prompt to remind you to watch your next film (and review it). Which is great for us blogathon addicts who tend to get more than obsessed with all films blogathon, as our to watch pile increases.


Superman II (1980)

A 1980s superhero movie with my favourite Superman, Christopher Reeve. And a villain in Terence Stamp and the return of Gene Hackman.  Reviewed the first of the Reeve movies, HERE so love to revisit this one… This made, long before things went crazy in DC and Marvel universes and we got a film every month. At least it seems that way.


Inception (2010)

Still on the to review list, despite starring Realweegiemidget faves, Leonardo DiCaprio with a goatee and Michael Caine. One of my faves with Lovely Leo. Oh and its got 80s fave, Tom Berenger too. Whats not to like!


North Sea Hijack (1980)

Just watched this recently with Roger Moore as a misogynist, cat loving bearded, drunken unlikely hero (who sews) and Anthony Perkins as a psycho bomber. Set in the North Sea, and on an oilrig. Also stars James Mason. Definitely one to review with this cast and plot.


Somethings Gotta Give (2003)


Had to take replace Harold and Maude (1971) with this rom-com with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton as I have to review it this year after promising a fellow blogger, I would. And this after he reviewed it for the Jack Nicholson blogathon I hedl last year… so  watch this space Vinnieh!


Trainwreck (2015)

Amy Schumer as a ladette journalist who after writing an article on sports doctor Bill Hader falls in love for the first time. And it’s superfunny.


Groundhog Day (1980)

Bill Murray at his best, with Andie McDowall who is annoying but not as annoying in other films such as that one with Hugh Grant. Lovely rom com of sorts, with compulsory montage. About a man who finds his day happening over and over again.


Moonraker (1979)

Roger Moore (again) as Bond in space making it the silliest Bond plot ever.  seen it but not reviewed yet. As it’s about time I did another Bond film.


The Russia House (1990)

Soppy spy romance set in the Cold War, with Sean Connery and Michelle Pfeiffer. Getting the tissues ready now.


Tamara Drewe (2010)

Love the British cast of this comedy movie telling of how Tamara Drewe got her revenge on the village, she lived in years earlier. Jessica Barden priceless as a pop star lovestruck teen. And Roger Allam in pompous mode. This description will all make sense when you read the review.


The Shining (1980)

Jack at his scariest as Jack Torrance, in Kubrick’s film horror tale set in the Overlook Hotel. And a moral of why you shouldn’t interrupt your writer husband if he’s trying to work from home.


This is 40 (2012)

Paul Rudd in a fab comedy about a couple and their relationship, when his wife turns 40, Starring the Apatow wife, Leslie Mann (at her whiniest) and the Apatow kids and directed by their father and Mr Mann, Judd. Much funnier than it sounds.


So tune in, in February for the first of these posts….



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