With Movie Reviews 101’s Opinion Battles

I add wee reviews in Movie Reviews 101’s Opinion Battles 101.



Best Talking Animal which I entered with Charlotte the Spider from Charlotte’s Web (1973).


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Most Anticipated Movie of 2018 I wrote about Deadpool 2.


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Favourite Steven Spielberg Movie… I wrote about AI Artificial Intelligence.


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Least Favourite Oscar Winning Actress in Lead or Supporting Role… I wrote about Whoopi Goldberg in Ghost.


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Worst MCU Movie (Infinity War)… Doctor Strange (2017)


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Biggest Acting Oscar Snub (S.G. Liput Winners Choice)… I chose Ed Harris


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Coming soon…

Round 7 – Saturday 7th July – Favourite 90s Animated Movie (Kim’s Winners Choice)

Round 8 – Saturday 4th August – Favourite Movie from 2017

Round 9 – Saturday 1st September – Favourite Martin Scorsese movie.

Round 10 – Saturday 6th October – Worst Horror Franchise (5 Minimum Films)

Round 11 – Saturday 3rd November – Favourite Performance in Harry Potter Franchise

Round 12 – Saturday 1st December – Worst Animated Sequel


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