Lists of Lovelies

These Lists of Lovelies pages are random lists of more than one performer from non-musical random stuff about TV programmes or movies…


An example could be “5 Soap Actors that starred in horror film” or “5 Movies that should have won an Oscar” …  

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5 Amazing Cameos

Lists of Lovelies No 1

Don’t Blink… Cameos in the Movies

Don’t you love it when you watching a movie then suddenly you spot a wee cameo that you weren’t expecting – there’s a few in Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) – which I’m not going to mention – don’t read on if you don’t want to know.

5 Child Actors

Lists of Lovelies No 2

5 Child Actors who stole the movie.

Do work with some children, they might surprise you… And steal the film or even the Oscar

5 Memorable Weddings

Listsof Lovelies No 3

4 Screams and a sob.. some must see marital ceremonies.

Get your confetti ready as the wedding season is upon us here at Realweegiemidget Reviews. Here’s a wee selection of weddings for you which if you like me made you want to scream or sob. Get your tissues ready, or not!

5 Galaxies of Guest Star Ensembles

Lists of Lovelies No 4

Retro TV Series with Super Guest Stars.

Raving about 5 retro series of the seventies and eighties with an almost hypnotic guest stars gallery.

5 Best Actor Oscar Winners in Superhero Movies

Lists of Lovelies No 6

Flying into Superhero Movies! 5 Best Actors in a Leading Role..

All Super Best Actors in a Leading Role, All Superhero Films with some Superheroes and some Supervillains …

5 1980s Adored (From Afar) American Actors

List of Lovelies No 7

Confession Time, 5 of my 1980s Crushes.

For a belated Valentine’s Day offering, here’s a list of 5 lovely leading men who stole my teenage heart in the 1980s…

5 Terrific 1980s TV Leads

Lists of Lovelies No 9

Leading the Show with 1980s Telly Actors and Actresses.

A wee list of some of my TV favourite leading stars, from the 1980s.