FILMS and TV… Interview with a Lust for a Vampire Actress, Judy Matheson (part 2)


More Confessions from the Hammer actress…


The long awaited part 2 of my exclusive interview with Judy Matheson on her acting career in everything else.


Judy Matheson, LynneFrederickForever


I was honoured to interview the wonderful actress Judy Matheson this year. This as part of my not so wee celebration with Barry from Cinematic Catharsis in our blogathon of all things Hammer and Amicus. If you CLICK HERE you can reach part one of this interview post on her Hammer Movies.

Here in the remainder of that interview, Judy tells me more about her fabulous career from her days at drama school with Helen Mirren in the 1960s. This to more recent collaborations with her contributing to documentaries from Rabbit and Snail on Peter Cushing and with Foster Hitchman in his documentary (reviewed HERE) on the actress, Lynne Frederick.



What are your best memories of drama school?

I loved being a drama student in Swinging London in the 60s! Well, who wouldn’t…… We had great tutors & fellow students that I worked on productions with, including Dame Helen Mirren & Paul Freeman. We also qualified with a teaching degree, which entailed teaching practice in tough London schools, which was a challenging & enlightening experience.


Which do you enjoy more stage and screen, and why?

This question often comes up in interviews with actors. Always a difficult one to answer because the experience of various media is so different. There is nothing like the buzz of appearing in front of a live audience & the thrill of working with the reactions of that audience.
But for me, screen slightly has the edge. I have always loved the collaborative nature of shooting a film. I adore working with a film crew, each person striving for excellence of the whole. And the jokes……


What have you enjoyed most about your stage career so far?

I have loved every minute of my stage work. I travelled all over USA, Canada, Europe & Israel in my very 1st stage job, with The Bristol Old Vic. I spent 3 months playing leading part in the theatre in Nairobi, too, so theatre has brought me fabulous travel.

I also loved working with some incredibly talented actors, not only the well known ones such as Richard O’Sullivan & Yootha Joyce, but actors in rep who often blew me away with their talent.


What was it like working with Gregory Peck in your first movie?

I was really only a spectator on the set with Gregory Peck, playing a university student in a lecture. He did take after take- wonderful to watch- always different, always innovative. I was definitely star struck.



What did you like about working on Crossroads?

Working on Crossroads was an extremely vivid time of my life, partly for personal reasons, but also for the joy of the repertory feel of the rapid turnover of recording. And the social life in Birmingham during those months was amazing!


If there was a reboot of Crossroads, would you want to return as your old character or as a new one? Tell me more about this…

There has been a reboot of Crossroads. And no, I wouldn’t want to return, but if I did, it would be to further explore the character ( Vicky Lambert) that I played. That could be fun!



Which of the American soaps of the 80s would you like to have starred in and as which character?

Haha – It’s always gonna be Dallas & Sue-Ellen!


Would you take a role in a soap now? Which one and as what type of character?

I’m not going to return to acting, but if I was, it would be – for want of a better word – a northern bitch character in Coronation Street. Always loved doing a northern accent, & I have always loved The Street. Though I do have a soft spot for the glamour of Hollyoaks!



‘Who is your favourite leading man or leading lady that you’ve worked with?

Lots of favourites. Freddie Jones, Peter Cushing, Richard O’Sullivan, the amazing Capucine………

You’ve played a few smaller roles which were your favourite?

The real-life character Jane Williams in the BBC production of the life of the poet Shelley, played by Robert Powell. The location in Italy was the exact place that Jane Williams had stayed in & the Italian coast was a stunning location to work in.



What were your favourite films or TV to make?

Many favourites. Certainly my 1st film with a leading part ‘ The Exquisite Cadaver ‘ was a huge highlight. Great part, great director & great cast. I also loved working on the quirky script by Charles Wood, opposite Freddie Jones – ‘The Emergence Of Anthony Purdy Esquire’.
And I loved working on my 2nd Z Cars. Directed by the terrific director Tristan De Vere Cole, playing a Liverpudlian stripper. That was really a fabulous role. I wish it could be shown again.

Who would you like to work with and on what project?

I have no plans to work as an actress ( though I’m always open to offers!)
What are your future plans with regards to theatre, movie and TV appearances?
But there are a few personal appearances being lined up,& when they happen I always give advance warning on my FaceBook Page. I love doing those because I meet fantastically interesting fans, who teach me lots about my work that I’d forgotten!


And that’s all folks, but this not the last you’ll hear from this lovely actress from this wee blogger.. as I’m happy to announce that I am still keeping in touch with this lovely actress. So tune in to my Twitter and Facebook pages regarding Judy’s future appearances at Film conventions and more.

So look out for tweets and mentions of these events as they happen, on my social media pages. Also look out for her wee cameo in her upcoming movie, The Haunting of Margam Castle (2020)…


A disclaimer and personal thank you to Judy Matheson. Financial compensation was not received for this post.  I would also like to add that Judy kindly personally agreed to me using these pictures of her from her Facebook page (HERE) in my blog. The attached video found on YouTube and referenced to the owner, LynneFrederickForever. If you are involved in the entertainment industry and would like to be featured or promoted here, please drop a line to me via my Contact Me Page.



5 thoughts on “FILMS and TV… Interview with a Lust for a Vampire Actress, Judy Matheson (part 2)

  1. So happy to see this follow-up to your first interview. I assume Judy’s episode of Z Cars is one of the many lost episodes. That’s a shame. Hopefully one day it will turn up. Episodes of other BBC series from that era turn up from time to time, so there’s a chance.

    I really need to convince a local convention to bring Ms. Matheson and some of the other women of Hammer over here. It would be such a thrill to meet them!

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