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About documenting a super lady the Stacey Souther way…


A front page interview meeting the man behind the camera for Valerie, A Portrait of Valerie Perrine (2019).




Last year I was deeply touched when actress, Valerie Perrine asked me to review her documentary telling of her current life with the effects of Parkinson’s Disease in Valerie, A Portrait of Valerie Perrine (2019). Valerie Perrine is a Cannes Festival and BAFTA winning actress for her role in Lenny (1974). She is also the versatile star of Superman (1978) and its sequelWater (1985) and The Border (1982).

Valerie, A Portrait of Valerie Perrine is a candid and heartfelt biographical documentary about this Oscar-nominated actress. It also has her reflecting on her life and has touching contributions from her Hollywood friends and her younger brother. This heartfelt and intimate documentary was made in those pre-pandemic times.

This always honest lady often talks with the producer and director, her close friend Stacey Souther. The site has links to access the film and her Go Fund Me page where all funds raised pay towards her care. On the site, this documentary is described as,

VALERIE is a short documentary film about legendary Hollywood actress Valerie Perrine. From her Academy Award ® Nominated and BAFTA winning role as ‘Honey Bruce’ in the Bob Fosse directed LENNY, to her iconic role as ‘Eve Teschmacher’ in the original SUPERMAN – Valerie has been a trail blazer and an inspiration for women, fellow actors and the public at large. Recently though, Valerie has been dealt some serious health set-backs and the fallout of a tumultuous Hollywood career. This film sets out to explore Valerie’s amazing career and personal life, and offer an intimate look behind the curtain of one of our generation’s most respected and epochal actresses.

Just recently, I rewatched this documentary online followed by a question and answer session with Stacey Souther. I was heartened to see he is as his documentary suggests, a warm and genial advocate for Ms Perrine. I was happy to see that in these difficult times that he has daily content with her, and clearly is a good friend in all the right ways.

Valerie Perrine recently called out for content writers to write about this film which is to be streamed and released today, Tuesday, May 3 on Amazon, iTunes, AppleTV, YouTube and Google Play. I reached out to her and suggested I did an interview about this documentary. She asked me to get in touch with Stacey Souther and the rest as they say is history. 

And now, here is my interview with Stacey Souther…


How did you meet Valerie?

We live in the same neighborhood and met walking our dogs. I didn’t know who she was because she was wearing her signature big floppy hat and sunglasses. It wasn’t until we next ran into each other that I found out who she was. I like to say fate brought us together.


Have you a favourite of her films?

Lenny is pretty amazing. Her performance is incredible. I would say Lenny and Superman are my favorites of hers.


Once the pandemic happened and pre vaccinations we were very careful. All appointments were Zoom. Once she was vaccinated and things were safer we would go in person to appointments. No matter what is happening her care comes first.



You said there is extra unused footage from the documentary, will this footage be used in a future film documentary.
I have a ton of footage I shot. Originally the film was going to be a feature. But I thought it would be a more powerful piece if it was a shorter length. I would love to make it feature length. But there’s no plans at this time.


How can fans help Valerie and contact her personally to show their support for her with cards etc?
Fans can definitely follow her on social media message her through those sites. And there is also a GoFundMe set up to help with medical expenses and care. You can find all those links at


Will there be a follow up biographical book to the documentary?
She had plans for years to do a book and even had an extensive outline. But once she got sick that was put on hold. So there’s no plans at the moment. But her life would make an incredible book!


Go Fund Me

No events planned. The GoFundMe is the best way to help her at this point.


Will the DVD be available for all regions? Will money raised from this go towards her care?

I’m not sure if the DVD is all regions. I know it’s available on Amazon and Walmart online. And yes a percentage of the film will go to Valerie.


How can people contact you with regards to you making podcast appearances or interviews?

There’s a contact link on or Through any of Valerie’s social media pages or my Instagram @staceysouther.


Finally, I’d like to thank both Valerie Perrine for pointing me in the direction of this sterling film, and then this interview with Stacey Souther. And thanks to Stacey for taking part in this interview. This documentary was reviewed by me HERE.

Valerie Perrine’s Social Media pages can be accessed by linking these blue links… on Facebook  Instagram, and Twitter.



A disclaimer and personal thank you to Valerie Perrine and Stacey Souther for the opportunity for this interview. Financial compensation was not received.  Stacey Souther personally sent the photos of him and Valerie Perrine from his own collection and all copyright is his.  The questions were voluntarily answered by Stacey Souther and all answers are his own. If you would like your book to be featured or promoted here, please drop a line to me via my Contact Me Page.

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