FILMS and TV… A Great Scott Moment! Interviewing Outlander’s Scott Kyle


An Interview with Outlander’s own Highland Laddie, Scott Kyle…


A wee exclusive interview with the Scottish actor of Stage and Screen, but there’s more to this actor famed for Outlander.


Scott Kyle Show Reel, foghornfilms


Like many of you, I hadn’t heard of this actor – and Scotland’s own one time Bathgate Regal Community Theatre’s Manager and Artistic Director – until recently. When he followed my blog on Twitter, I shamefully hadn’t heard of him. I fell into a 140 icons conversation with him there, to discover he was in a much-loved Scottish film of mine, The Angels’ Share (2012) and of course the more recent series of Outlander (2014-).

The Angels’ Share had been the cure for many a home sick moment, as my cousin worked behind the scenes on the film, and had recommended it. I had started to review the film before meeting Scott for this reason, then completed it after talking with Scott. After a few retweets and likes of some posts relating to Scott’s work, I wanted to give something back to this generous and giving actor, who takes time to know and personally recognise his followers. And so I approached him for this interview.

So a wee bit about the man himself. Scott won a number of awards as a student in Glasgow. After graduation, Scott set up his own theatre company, named the No Limit People Theatre. Scott rose to recognition in the company’s first production, with a successful run of Singin’ I’m No A Billy He’s A Tim, where he played a lead role. This Scottish play tells of the initial animosity and eventual bonding between a Celtic and Ranger’s fan after their arrest before a big Old Firm match. For this role, Scott won a Best Actor award in 2010 in Stage Awards for Acting Excellence in the Edinburgh Fringe theatre awards.

In 2013, he formed the Regal Rep Company and working alongside the NLP company. This play How To Make a Killing in Bollywood having a successful run at the Edinburgh Festival. For the last four years, he’s worked as Artistic Director and Manager of the Bathgate Regal Community Theatre, and such is his passion and commitment to this theatre Scott works on film and TV appearances in his holidays.

Scott’s worked on stage and both the big and wee screen. As well as those previously mentioned, he’s also worked on The Crews (2011-) in TV and more recently a role in Kilo Two Bravo (2014) –  also named Kajaki – which I hope to track down and review any day soon. This film is sadly not shown on a certain entertainment media service over here. But it will most definitely be reviewed next time I’m back in Scotland as it’s shown over there. So after approaching Scott for a wee interview, he kindly agreed. So on with the show, here’s my wee exclusive interview with him.


Work at the Bathgate Regal

Scott Kyle – Singin’ Am No A Billy He’s A Tim Reel, Scott Kyle


Can you tell me about your role as Artistic Director at the Bathgate Regal…
As the Artistic Director/Manager of the Regal Community Theatre, I am in charge of the day-to-day running of the theatre as well as the artist programming.


What are your favourite things about the job?

I love coming up with creative ideas and ways to improve the theatre and the arts. I would like to spend more time on the more artistic projects but unfortunately managing the theatre takes up most of my time.



Scott Kyle – The Angels’ Share Reel, Scott Kyle


Tell me about your dream role and why?
It’s always the next one, most actors will tell you the same thing we just want to be working, I’d be happy to work on anything to be honest.


What was it like working with Ken Loach on The Angels’ Share?
I really enjoyed the whole process and it was one of my ambitions to work with Ken. He makes the kind of movies that I like to go to the cinema to see.  


Outlander and TV

Outlander – Scott Kyle Reel, Scott Kyle

You are famous for your role in Outlander, had you heard of the book or series before you auditioned?
No didn’t know anything about the show, so it was a big eye opener for me.  
If you could have played anyone in this series, but not your character who would you like to play and why?
Angus as he was an amazing character brought to life by Mr Stephen Walters who I look up to.  
If you could come back for Season 3, how would you like to be brought back?
Quickly! Because most of the episode will be filmed by now so it would be a race against time. Seriously though I would just be happy to go back in.  
If you had the choice of a bit part in River City (Scottish soap) or a reboot of Taggart (Scottish cop show) which would you choose?
Ha ha that’s a tough one, but I’ll opt for RC as it’s still running at the moment.  


And finally…

Kajaki / KILO TWO BRAVO – Scott Kyle Reel, Scott Kyle

If you could ask yourself any question, what would you ask? What would you answer?
Are you ok Scott? And I would answer I`m better than I used to be! Ha ha

Scott Kyle, as a born and bred Scottish actor, in his work and his roles personally loved as the ultimate home sick relieving cure, and more can be found HERE on his website. As the accent is his own, and like Sean Connery, I hope he never loses it and gets a lead role where he can use this accent to his full advantage. And this actor gets to work with his idols Streep and Eastwood on a wee project one day soon possibly playing that ultimate Scottish role in movie as Bond, James Bond.  Don’t think I’m crazy, it could happen.. it is Hollywood!


A disclaimer and personal thank you to Scott Kyle for agreeing to this interview. I would also like to add that Scott kindly personally agreed to me using these videos of his work in my blog and no money changed hands to promote this actor’s work or that of Bathgate Regal Community Theatre. The questions were voluntarily answered by Scott, and all answers are his own. If you are involved in the entertainment industry and would like to be featured here, please drop a line to me via my Contact Page.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this interview, Gill. I don’t know much about Scott, besides his performance in Outlander. I shall have to seek out more of his films. He sounds like a great guy.

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