FILMS… My Guest Post with Banzai Retro Club on Dirty Dancing (1987)


Remembering a cinema trip in the 1980s… for my guest post for Banzai Retro Club


The year is 1987, the film is Dirty Dancing and the stars are Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.


Dirty Dancing – Official® Trailer [HD], TrailersPlaygroundHD,

About Dirty Dancing (1987). Read part of my exclusive post for Banzai Retro Club…


So as a bit of a Grease groupie I entered the 80s… The 80s of course was the age I was more into the doings of J.R. Ewing and his family and feuding in TV’s Dallas than the cinema. Possibly as a very wee (small) girl for 15, I couldn’t get into those 15 rated films. So I thought about the films I saw and their memories with one standing out from the rest….


READ MORE on Banzai Retro Club’s page ..… for the whole post on this blog click HERE.

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