Mentions 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Mentions pages…


Just a wee page sharing the likes, retweets, messages and mentions given to me about the blog content online in 2016 (and late 2015). Click on the titles to learn more…

By Celebrities:


After I promoted my review of their work to either the big and wee screen stars or the author of the book concerned. Alternatively some of my comments in discussion with my followers or fans were liked by those involved.

By Papers:


In some social media websites users create papers collecting articles written about the subject.

As I hope these pages will be added to regularly, entries are in reverse order on a monthly basis on these two pages.


By My Liebsters 2016



As part of accepting Liebster Awards my 10 winners have to answer 11 questions chosen by me.  Read about these responses here, these pages will be highlighted in blue as I get responses.

  1. A Mother’s Cry
  2. Bottom Left of the Mitten
  3. Galaxy Entertainment
  4. Healthy Living with Destiny
  5. Iheartfilm
  6. Letters of Elan
  1. Olivia Derby
  2. Old.single.bitter.(&drunk)
  3. Our Rach Blogs
  1. Silent D and me
  2. Vinnieh


By Reviews on other sites


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