By Celebrities 2016

Mentions 2016

Just a wee page sharing the likes, retweets, messages and mentions given to me by celebrities online.


This feedback was given to me after I promoted my review of their work to either the big and wee screen stars or the author of the book concerned.

Alternatively some of my comments in discussion with my followers or fans were liked by those involved. As I hope this page will be added to regularly, so entries are in reverse order on a monthly basis.


December 2016

A like from Nancy Travis about her co-star of 3 Men and a Little Lady.

Likes and a comment from Jared Harris of The Crown.

Terri Garber liked a tweet for her birthday.

Lots more likes and retweets from Scott Kyle.


Kristy Swanson liked my tweet on Pretty in Pink.

Morgan Brittany liked my Christmas tweet.

Brian O’Halloran liked my tweet for his birthday.

Morgan Brittany liked my posts on her birthday.

Jo Hartley liked my tweet and post about Eddie the Eagle.

The Official Page for John Simm liked my post on Life on Mars.

A like from Jessica Barden, Star of Tamara Drewe.

Lots of Likes and Retweets from Scott Kyle.

Scott Kyle and Stephen Walters liked my Retweet.

November 2016

Another Robert Vaughan tribute page liked my post about him.


Rob Lowe and Elizabeth Perkins liked my tweet about About Last Night.

Adrian Zmed liked a tweet about Lorna Luft his costar in Grease 2.


Josh Stolberg liked a tweet.


Terri Garber commented on my Make?/Remake? post about Dynasty.


A lovely like from Linda Gray on Facebook.


A lovely mention from Robert Vaughn‘s official Facebook page.


A like from Barbara Hershey who starred in Beaches.


Some retweets from Sherrie Hewson, star of Slipper and the Rose.


A like from a Bill Murray co-star from Rock the Kasbah, Beejan Land.


Morgan Brittany sent me some lovely tweets about my post about famous guest star posts…


October 2016

Joan Collins liked and retweeted me and my Dynasty post viewers shot up.


Juliet Stevenson liked her birthday wish with my post remembering Alan Rickman and her in Truly, Madly, Deeply.


Terry Dresbach, who works as a Costume Designer on Outlander commented on a post about a retweet of a friend’s post.


Simon Meacock liked my posts about his Outlander co star’s work in The Angels’ Share.


Morgan Brittany liked my posts and retweeted some.



Scott Kyle from Outlander liked my posts and retweeted some.


Jo Hartley liked my tweets about her film, Eddie the Eagle.


Steve Kanaly from Dallas liked my post about the Dallas blogathon.


Sherrie Hewson liked my tweet about Dallas.


Linda Gray also liked my tweet about Dallas.

Greg Poehler liked a tweet in my discussion on Patrick Duffy’s roles with a follower.

TJ Miller from Deadpool liked a couple of Tweets.


Josh Stolberg like a tweet.


Sherrie Hewson liked a comment.


Eric Idle retweeted my post on National Lampoon’s European Vacation.



Jane Seymour liked my post about Christopher Reeve, her co-star from Somewhere in Time.

September 2016

Lots of likes from Linda Gray regarding my blogathon.


A reply from William Shatner to a comment.


A lovely comment from Lesley Ann Down in relation to one of my Blogathon entries.


A like from Ricky Gervais for my Special Correspondents review.


Some lovely likes and comments from Morgan Brittany about my Blogathon


A like from Sheree J Wilson for my Darlin’ Dallasers Blogathon.


A wee like from Paul Brannigan on a comment about The Angels Share.


Morgan Brittany from Dallas retweeted my post about my Blogathon.


Lots of likes, Retweets and a follow from Sherrie Hewson for my The Slipper and the Rose review.

Below a like on Facebook from author Phil Schwarzmann


Above Zach Galligan from Gremlins followed me on Twitter.

Below a like from Ally Sheedy from St Elmo’s Fire.

Above, more likes from Tatum O’Neal.

Scott Kyle from Outlander and The Angels Share liked and retweeted many of my Tweets – here’s a few.

August 2016

A like from Nancy Travis for a review of Three Men and a Little Lady in my Weddings post.


A love icon from Jane Seymour on her Facebook page for my Somewhere in Time review.


A like from Brian O’Halloran from Clerks II on Twitter.


More Linda Gray likes.


Another like from Elizabeth Perkins of About Last Night on Facebook.


Made my day when a favourite Dallas actress liked my FB posts about her. Linda Gray liked two posts on Facebook made about her and her screen husband, JR Ewing.

July 2016

Another like from Phil Schwarzmann writer of How to Marry a Finnish Girl.


Another like and retweet from Nancy Travis and co star Steve Guttenberg from 3 Men and a Little Lady


And another like from author Jane Fallon about my Special Correspondents review


Another like from Grease 2‘s Adrian Zmed..


More from Mark Hamill..


Message from Dean Andrews from Ashes to Ashes.


A wee thanks from John Cusack when I complimented him on his film, Love and Mercy.


A wee reply from Andrew McCarthy.


Rob Lowe likes a tweet about About Last Night


June 2016

The lovely Mark Hamill liked my tweets.


T.J. Miller liked a comment about his film, Deadpool.


Followed by the lovely Joan Collins – thank you!!!!


Danny Trejo do retweet and like…


Diana Gabaldon answered my query about the Outlander tv series…


Like from Patrick Duffy and the Crab.


More messages from Cheggers.


Mark Hamill liked another couple of my tweets.


Jane Fallon, Ricky Gervais’s girlfriend and author liked my tweets.


Philip Glenister‘s official page retweeted me and liked my comment about his upcoming series Outcast.

May 2016

Sheree J Wilson, liked my comment about a possible return story for Dallas.


Response from Kevin Pollak after I sent him my Special Correspondents review.


Another like from Keeley Hawes for my Ashes to Ashes review.


Nancy Travis from 3 Men and a Little Lady likes my tweet about the film.


Kevin Smith likes a random tweet.


John Simm‘s official page like my Life on Mars review tweet.


More likes from Mark Hamill.


Adrian Zmed liked my tweet about Grease 2.

April 2016

A retweet from a Dynasty star, Terri Garber.


A few comments from from William Shatner (Star Trek).


Another like from T.J. Miller (Deadpool).


Some likes for conversation with Mark Hamill (Star Wars).


In the month I reviewed Ashes to Ashes, its two lead stars liked my tweets.

March 2016

A retweet from the Kill Keith movie site, for a review of the film


A message on Twitter from Patrick Duffy when I asked if he had pictures from a sought after mini series for his birthday review.


A like from Linda Gray on Facebook relating to my Dallas review..


More likes and retweets from Tatum O’ Neal.




February 2016

More David M Latt likes on social media.



Another Dallas star likes one of my tweets about the show.


Woke up to find The Asylum Movies had retweeted me so had lots of interest in my Mockbusters post.


One day two likes from two Dallasers first due to a random conversation and one due to being a tad obsessed.


January 2016

First feedback from a star on Facebook, not on their unofficial page. Elizabeth Perkins who liked my message regarding my About Last Night review.


International Velvet star, Tatum O’Neal likes and retweets my review of the film.


My first response from a Dallas Star, Morgan Brittany who played Katherine Wentworth.


Sent my review on Asylum Movies to David M Latt, who produced Sharknado and he responds.


A retweet from the author Phil Schwarzmann after I sent him my review of his book., How to marry a Finnish Girl.



December 2015

A personal message…from Cheggers about the review of his film, Kill Keith!


October and November 2015

Facebook and Twitter pages created and blogs written.

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