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Mentions 2017

Just a wee page sharing the likes, retweets, messages and mentions given to me by celebrities online.


This feedback was given to me after I promoted my review of their work to either the big and wee screen stars or the author of the book concerned.

Alternatively some of my comments in discussion with my followers or fans were liked by those involved. As I hope this page will be added to regularly, so entries are in reverse order on a monthly basis.

May 2017



April 2017

A like from Linda Gray about Dallas.

A like from Brian O’ Halloran about Carrie Fisher.


A like from Gil Gerard.

Marvel liked a tweet about Guardians of the Galaxy.


Sheree J Wilson liked a tweet I made about her 80s fashion style.

Adrian Zmed liked a tweet.


Ilan Mitchell Smith liked a tweet.

jon Cryer likes a Tweet.


Lyndsay Wagner liked and retweeted a tweet about The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan.

Never Ending Story‘s Tami Stronach follows me and likes some tweets.

Dynasty’s Terri Garber liked some tweets about her the upcoming interview.


Victoria Negrl liked a tweet about Robert Vaughn, her co-star.


Gil Gerard liked my Facebook post about Airport 77.


The Slipper and the Rose‘s Sherrie Hewson tweeted me about the movie.


March 2017

A comment from the Ida Lupino Estate in relation to my review on the work as a director.


A like from Susannah Fielding for my Kill Keith review.

A like and a Retweet from Sherrie Hewson for the Birthday Greeting for Richard Chamberlain for Slipper and the Rose.

Some Likes and Retweets from Kill Keith Movie on this film review.

More likes from Scott Kyle for his interview and Angels Share posts.

Some likes from Brian O’Halloran from Clerks and Jay and Silent Bob StrIke Back.

Some likes from Ilan Mitchell Smith for my post remembering Bill Paxton in their Weird Science movie.

A nice wee comment from Andrew McCarthy in relation to his new book.

Some likes from Scott Kyle.


February 2017

A like from Josh Stolberg.

Tami Stronach, an Actress from the Never Ending Story liked a Tweet I was mentioned in.

Screenshot at 2017-02-23 07:44:45


January 2017

A lovely response to my Carole Lombard post from Morgan Brittany.

A like from Gil Gerard.


A like from Jared Harris.

Morgan Brittany liked a tweet.


Scott Kyle liked a tweet


February 2017

A like from Alexandra Roach for my review on her film One Chance.



A like and a comment from Morgan Brittany.