BOOKS and MORE…Gittering about Guilty Pleasures


Guilty Pleasures, every one has them, just some of us admit to them..


What’s yours, ain’t necessarily mine… a wee guide to guilty pleasure movies.


Tom Hiddleston’s Guilty Pleasure – Film 2011 With Claudia Winkleman – BBC One, BBC,

So in the next full tilt gitter, going to waffle on about my perceived definition of movie and tv guilty pleasures and how I find it difficult to explain when labelling film or television in this genre. Guilty pleasure can be easy to explain in food terms as something that usually includes lots of calories and you eat either lots of it in one go. Or on your own (probably) watching your favourite movie. I for one love a coffee with whipped cream, eating coffee and walnut cake (coffee butter icing compulsory) watching back to back episodes of The Americans (2013-) or Dallas (1978-91). The more health conscious on you instead might see having a small square of plain chocolate in their chili con carne as their guilty pleasure…

When it comes to television or film though guilty pleasure is much more difficult to define, as in food can be easily defined in calories or fat content. So how do you see a guilty pleasure in this medium. I’m sure I offended some avid fans with my guilty pleasure list so far, but then they may well have looked at my main features list and recognised some of theirs. When I released a guilty pleasure about Grease 2 (1982), this a movie I would watch again and again I found it is a guilty pleasure.  As  many  of you with my feedback from my following on Twitter and other social media to confirm this. Then on discussing a movie guilty pleasure list with a social media follower some of hers rang true and one was a main features post. This concurred with a discussion I had with my darlin’ husband on The Sound of Music (1965).

The Sound of Music is a great movie if you are a mum, musical aficionado or a little girl. If you are a little boy however 9 times out of 10 you will switch off until the Nazis come or the credits roll. Unless you are a die hard musical fan. However you may if you are built like a tree like Vin Diesel may have this film as a guilty pleasure. This due to you looking completely different to the normally perceived Julie Andrews fan, could you see Groot dressed as a lonely goat-herder for the Sing Along? No, I thought not. But then if you did the cynics would think Mrs Diesel coerced you into it or the press would have pictures of you all over the press saying what a sensitive kinda bloke you are…

I’m just saying guilty pleasure means different things to different people, and as seen in he above wee video everyone’s different.  So please look through my guilty pleasures pages here, accept these are mine and enjoy them just as reviews…Or add them to the comments. And you can check these pages on and off to prove you are not alone. .. and I might just review them for you. But on which page is yet to be seen…



Love your (spoiler -free) thoughts...

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