2016 Liebster Awards


All About My Liebster Awards…


Here’s more about the 4 Liebster Awards I won and my nominated bloggers.






And these awards are discussed if you CLICK HERE and HERE. With these great my nominees.


A Mother’s Cry

Another Liebster Award went to Dinerra’s blog in which she writes about losing her child, click on here for her blog, CLICK HERE.



Bottom Left of Mitten

In this lovely blog you will find some great craft ideas, yummy  recipes and musings on family activities. Read her Liebster Acceptance speech HERE and more about her blog HERE.



Galaxy Entertainment

Another of my Liebster nominees is the awesome Galaxy Entertainment who write about a wide variety of entertainment topics. You can find more about the site by clicking HERE with the Liebster Awards mentioned HERE. The answers to my questions are given below.



Healthy Living with Destiny

On her blog, Destiny promotes Healthy Living and talks about healthy eating and exercises along with some delicious looking recipes. Her answers are below, and her blog can be found HERE, with more about her Liebster nomination HERE.





Iheartfilm is a film blog which writes not just about the movie plot but also writes about information and insights in to the development of the film. Read more HERE on her award and HERE for her blog.



Letters of Elan

To read more about Lena’s blog CLICK HERE and her post about the Liebster Award is HERE.





Old.single.bitter.(&drunk) is a fantastic blog written about dating for the over 35s and lifestyle in a fun, humorous manner.  You can read about her award HERE and the blog HERE. These are the answers to my questions.



Olivia Derby


Olivia Derby writes about business, blogging while being a mum. You can find more about her site HERE and Liebster Award HERE.



Our Rach Blogs

OurRachBlogs written by Rachel Hawkins is a lovely blog writing about her opinions, mental health and her Top 10s.


You can read about her Liebster Award nomination for her, HERE and her blog HERE. Screenshot pictures © OurRachBlogs.


Silent D and me

The first of my 2016 Liebster Award winners to respond was Caroline Cassidy , writer of the fantastic Silent D and me blog. Her blog was written to encourage awareness of mental health issues.



Read more here..on her answers to my questions, or have a look at the post HERE or her blog HERE.  All screenshots from here, © Liebster Award Nominations.




The fifth to respond was Vinnieh, another film and television review blog who writes in a fun, humorous way especially when it comes to using gifs. You can find his blog if you CLICK HERE and his Liebster Post if  you CLICK HERE.

In reply to my Liebster Award Questions Vinnie gave these answers…as shown on his blog.




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