More Reel Contributions


These are bloggers posts I’ve added my views to…


These are one-off times that I’ve been asked to contribute to a bloggers post or I’ve added a review on a subject.



These are times I have contributed to a post or collaboration…

Dressed to Kill (1980) was featured in the Psychological Thrillers Genre Grandeur in October 2016.


The Angel’s Share (2012) and Gregory’s Girl (1981) were both featured in my choice of Genre Grandeur, Scottish Films.


Ex Machina (2014) was added to the Cyberpunk Films Genre Grandeur in December 2016.


Superman (1978) featured in Movie Rob’s Graphic Novel Genre Grandeur with a lovely comment added from The Vern.


A teeny wee review on Jurassic World (2015) for Popcorn on the Couch…


Another wee review on Ghost in the Shell (2017) for Popcorn on the Couch


For Retro Ramblings post about Retro Ramblings on Modes of Transportation, I added a post HERE with 5 of my favourites.


In Film For Thoughts post about Film Trilogies, I wrote about the John Wick trilogy…


For A Shroud of Thoughts post on Favourite Holiday Movies I added my thoughts on The Gift of Love (1978)…




Love your thoughts... but only if they are spoiler free!

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