These are testimonials written about this blog and my reviews…


These are my testimonials from some of those I have interviewed or whose work I have reviewed.


“This terrific website, curated by the brilliant Gill Jacob, has a knack of getting right to essence of her subjects. It is always a fabulous read for anyone & everyone who loves film”


Judy Matheson on IMDb and my interviews with her in Interview with a Lust for a Vampire Actress, Judy Matheson HERE for part 1 and HERE for Part 2

– Judy Matheson, Actress

“I was very pleased with Gill’s review of “The Legend of Santa” which I directed. She took the time to research the people involved with the film which I imagine helped her write a more in-depth review of the film. The review of the film itself was excellent as well. Detailed and highly insightful, Gill truly understood the underlying themes of the story which included generosity to others, love and sharing.”


Andrew de Burgh on IMDb... My review of his film The Legend of Santa (2021).


– Andrew de Burgh, Director

“I was interviewed by Gill Jacob, and she wrote a review on one of my film projects. Very professional and respectful interviewer… and a brilliant writer. I appreciated her interest, and the article she wrote about me came out radiantly.“


Foster Hitchman on IMDb... My review of his documentary Lynne: The English Rose (2021).


– Foster Hitchman, Biography Author and Filmmaker

“It is always a pleasure to work with Gill.  She is a great communicator and very responsive.  Personally, I find her reviews in-depth and insightful, helping identify films and series of particular interest to me.” 


My review of Imagicomm Entertainment’s films…  The Warrant (2020), Christmas on the Coast (2018) and Savannah Sunrise (2016).


– Tina Helms, Publicist for Imagicomm Entertainment.

“Good thorough interview.”


Michael B Druxman on IMDb and my interviews with him HERE and here for a review of his play, Ethel of the Barrymores (2021)

– Michael B Druxman,  Screenwriter, Playwright, Author, Director and more

“I was interviewed by Gill Jacob and found her professional and skilled. Looks like she has a bright future!”


Gigi Garner on IMDb... My post on The James Garner Animal Rescue Fund, HERE


– Gigi Garner, The James Garner Animal Rescue Fund



“I couldn’t be more pleased with Gill’s review of my book, Great Britons of Stage and Screen: In Conversation. She actually took the time to read the book, and her comments about the interviews are thoughtful and relevant. She truly recognizes the work that goes into a project like this and shows her understanding through her comments.”


Barbara Roisman Cooper and my review of her book, Great Britons of Stage and Screen: In Conversation (2015).

– Barbara Roisman Cooper, Author

“Gill is a great writer and her blogathons are always fun, informative, and entertaining. She is an enthusiastic fan of the actors and films she showcases on her blogathons, and she is supportive and helpful to the writers who participate in them. I look forward to joining her blogathons, knowing there will be engaging, thoughtful, and compelling content created for them, and being included in with creative writers such as herself is an inspiration.”


Stabford Deathrage’s blog Stabford Deathrage Shoots His Mouth Off is HERE. and his Vlog’s Stabford Deathrage Netflix Nasties are HERE. Stabford has also entered many of my blogathons.

– Stabford Deathrage, Author and Blogger

“I’ve been reading Realweegiemidget Reviews for several years and one thing that impresses me is Gill’s knowledge of film and television. She knows her pop culture, which makes her reviews informative and entertaining. As a bonus, Gill often injects humor into her words, adding fun to the memorable experience of her blog.”


John L Harmon’s reviews can be found for many of my blogathons and his blogs, The JHL Collective and The Collective Eye can both be accessed HERE

– John L Harmon, Author and Blogger



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