On Screen



Even more reviews on Films and TV…


My writings on the big and wee screen in other ways.


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All Star Adverts

Here are posts of adverts with celebrities…

Pages include appearances (live action), voice overs (animation) and those from the press.

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Wee Reviews

Teeny-weeny reviews on Movies, TV or Books and more…

These are wee (little) reviews in which I didn’t feel the urge to gitter incessantly about the topic.

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My Guilty Pleasures

I confess, these are my Guilty Pleasures. But are they yours?

We all have movies, TV and books we watch with trusted friends and family or that we watch alone when others are out. These are some of mine.

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My Reel Gitterings

Gitterings are talking about random thoughts about entertainment…

So in the Gitterings pages, I’m going to gitter – just warning you, family and friends – about subjects in relation to entertainment (as I’m sure 9/10 of us do). 

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Film & TV Characters

Pages about Film and TV Characters…

These pages will be about characters from film or TV lists or individual posts. Please note real life historical characters can also be found here.

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Lists of Lovelies

These are Films and TV lists of all sorts…

An example could be “5 Soap Actors that starred in a horror film” or “5 Movies that should have won an Oscar”.

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