My RQC Horrors


Here’s my reviews of the horror previews, written as One of Two Reel Quirky Cats…


Preview reviews posts on The Hand (1981) , The Others (2001) and The Shining (1980).

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FILMS… The Hand (1981)

Caine has a Hand in a Murderous 80s Horror…

Michael Caine plays a comic book illustrator who after his hand is severed off in a car accident, finds out this hand is taking on a more violent side than before.

FILMS… The Others (2001)

And now for another supernatural spooky tale with some others…

In the mid 1940s, a widowed mother of two begins to fear her home is haunted, as unexplicable things start to happen…

FILMS… The Shining (1980)

All Work and No Play, Makes Jack a Frightening Boy..

Jack Torrance, a writer takes on a caretakers job in an isolated hotel over the winter. Accompanied by his family with his small son able to see the horrifying, murderous, events surrounding the hotel. As his father’s mental health worsens.