FILMS… The Others (2001)


And now for another supernatural spooky tale with some others…


In the mid 1940s, a widowed mother of two begins to fear her home is haunted as unexplicable things start to happen.


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For the next of my trailer reviews as 1 of 2 Reel Quirky Cats, I’m reviewing The Others (2001) a gothic supernatural horror with Nicole Kidman. The film also stars Christopher Eccleston and Keith Allen. This the first of not only a Horror double bill – with the poll winner revealed tomorrow – but also a double bill featuring this actress. As next month I’ll be adding a review on one of her other movies, but  then in a biopic.

However back to this review, in a film which admittedly confused me on its first viewing years ago and for this reason I’m hoping more will make sense to me after watching the trailer…


About the plot…

Just after World War II, widowed Catholic woman, Grace (Nicole Kidman) is living in the Channel Islands in an isolated house with her two photosensitive children. She employs some new servants, claiming the others left suddenly.  Grace becomes increasingly convinced her house is haunted, despite her strong disbelief in ghosts.  As inexplicable things happen..


About the trailer…

The trailer starts calmly enough with Nicole Kidman’s voice doing her best Jackanory (1965-96) line opening this film trailer as if in a fairy tale. This intercut with an old house that would look less creepy if it wasn’t in the fog and that music wasn’t accompanying it. This all easily evokes a gothic horror movie feel to the proceedings. And with eerie lines from Kidman of the last servants sudden departure, however equally that old nanny does look a lot more sinister than Mary Poppins (1965). But to be fair Poppins was played (and sang) by Julie Andrews.

The horror building up with a wee child girl performer ominously asking if one of the servants if they will leave too as “that’s when things happened”. Cue spooky looking events. Then the most chilling of lines from the nanny on how the world of the dead can get mixed up with the world of the living. This as the daughter sees someone called Victor and freaks out both her brother and her mother in different ways. And my confusion waxes and wanes like the full moon. The nanny tells the wee girl she has also seen the others too.. although so far we haven’t.

Then more scary happenings. And we are not even half way through the trailer. This as much as Kidman’s Grace is unsure about the weird events in her house. The soundtrack saying if Grace could see them, things would be different (me too then I could make sense of this trailer!). I’m still confused as now Grace is hearing voices, and both on-screen and off-screen we are wondering who Victor is (and if he really does look like Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice (1988)). Then after lots of scary happenings and music, it ends with the line sooner or later they’ll find you… and I presume this is the Others in the title.. or are they the others? And just WTF for that final scene..

Luckily with Darlin’ Husband on hand, my foggy confusion on this film cleared after talking about this movie. So just maybe on my viewing I went to the loo at the wrong time or didn’t pick up on the plot. But from this trailer alone, it could easily be an instruction video on how you as a small child can with the help of another trusting adult, spook out your mother on Halloween. With some convenient fog and a gothic looking home, a small adult dressed up in a bridal frock and the ability to freak out your wee brother using horror tropes. Blaming these occurrences on The Others of course…

And tune in next time for more reely random reviews with those 2 Reel Quirky Cats.

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