My Guilty Pleasures


I confess, these are my Guilty Pleasures. But are they yours?


We all have movies, TV and books we watch with trusted friends and family or that we watch alone when others are out. These are some of mine.


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TV… The Gift of Love (1978)

A Christmas romance is a family affair…

A Christmas romance begins between a poor Swiss immigrant and a rich girl, with a wee twist.

FILMS… Xanadu (1980)

A musing adventures with rollerskating…

A muse comes to earth via a mural and inspires a roller disco but falls in love.

FILMS… Airport 77 (1977)

A flight to remember.. it’s a soap in the skies…

OTT plotlines and characters include Christopher Lee as a deep-sea diver as a plane crashes into the sea at the Bermuda Triangle.

FILMS… Starcrash (1978)

Some Seventies Star Wars inspired silliness from a favourite…

A daft but fun sci-fi movie with acting cast also known in roles as a Naval Captain, a crime-buster and a Bond girl.