Wee Reviews


Teeny-weeny reviews of approx. 500  words max. on Movies, TV or Books and more…


These are wee (little) reviews in which I didn’t feel the urge to gitter incessantly about the topic.


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FILMS… Jobs (2013)

A Couple of Jobs…

A wee bit about Ashton Kutcher’s role as Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, in a film set in the 1970s.

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FILMS… Miss Potter (2006)

Can’t get Bridget Jones out of my head…

19th Century writer and illustrator Beatrix Potter writes her first childrens’ “bunny book” then meets and falls in love with her publisher…

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FILMS… Somewhere in Time (1980)

Going back in time with a romantic theme…

A man in the present day falls in love with a picture of an actress from the early 20th Century and hopes to go back in time to meet her.

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FILMS… Mars Attacks (1996)

Invasion of the Little Green Men armed with Rayguns…

In this sci-fi comedy the US President and the World thinks Martians are coming to Earth for peaceful reasons, but for Martians this is war!

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TV… Life on Mars (2006-08)

Introducing that British UNPC PC…

The prequel to the previously reviewed Ashes to Ashes where Sam Tyler finds himself in 1973, is he unwell or travelled back in time?

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FILMS… War Dogs (2016)

Every War Dog has it’s day…

A true life story, here seen as a crime war comedy man goes into business with an old school friend as an arms dealer and starting from small beginnings this career leads to a contract with the Pentagon and a terrorist.

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FILMS… The Graduate (1967)

Here’s to you Dustin Hoffman…

A young man is seduced by a the wife of a business associate of his father. After starting an affair with her he falls in love with her daughter in this sixties age gap movie.

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TV… Suspicion, Four O’Clock S1 Ep 1

Alfred Hitchcock Directs His Explosive TV Debut…

A watch repair man suspects his wife is unfaithful. He sets a bomb to go off in the house, at a time he suspects her lover will visit. However things take an unexpected turn.

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FILMS… Where Eagles Dare (1968)

More than a Fistful of Dynamite…

A fictional story from the pen of Alistair McLean where Major John Smith and his men are on a stealth mission to rescue an American General from a German fortified castle.

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