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These are my reviews of film related books. This might be in exchange for an item such as a T-shirt or a copy of the book. Book promotions for NetGalley, Random Book Tours and others are also found here. The date of publishing is found after the author’s name.


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BOOKS… Rebecca by Patricia White : 2021

All about the 1940 film Rebecca, famous for an unseen character who haunts the narrative…

Analysing Rebecca (1940), Patricia White tells of the influence of women in the first of the Selznick and Hitchcock film classics.

BOOKS… The Ultimate Book of Movie Monsters by Christopher Carton : 2022

Author Christopher Carton is a guiding light to take us to the heart of a bestiary of movie monsters…

Look at this book cover, and you’ll think of Alien, Dracula, Godzilla, Monsters Inc and Jurassic Park. Then open it and discover so many more in this labyrinth of movie monsters with Carton as your sterling companion lighting the way.