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These are promotional reviews for other entertainment themed items. These may include books that write about both film and TV, fiction or are about other types of entertainment. Reviews might be in exchange for an item such as a T-shirt or a copy of the book. The date of publishing is found after the author’s name.


Book reviews of Entertainment themed books in my personal collection are found HERE.


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BOOKS… 2000 AD Encyclopedia by Scott Montgomery (Comics, 2022)

Alphabetically travel through the 2000 AD and Judge Dredd magazine worlds of sci-fi mighty wonders…

Scott Montgomery shares his encyclopedic knowledge of these two British science fiction comic magazines with captivating characters and compelling tales and so much more.

BOOKS… The Mysterious Romance of Murder by David Lehman (2022)

Who doesn’t love the lure, style and content of the crime and crime-solving plots told in an entertaining way?

David Lehman’s enticing and extensive examination into the murderous world with whodunnits, noirs, spy stories and detectives of all types as he uncovers the style and content of these in relation to poetry, films, TV and books.

BOOKS… Old School Evil The Rejects by Brian Cave (Fiction, 2022)

Children of villains find they are not alone as a shady department is on a quest to hunt down some old school evil too…

A group of several supervillains’ grown-up children aim to track down a group of evil escapees from their father’s retirement home for villains. Meanwhile, their joint nemesis plots to destroy them all.