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Film Promotions, at your request…


These post reviews might be in exchange for an item such as a T-shirt or a screener of the TV show or series.


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FILMS… Parallel (2016)

We are living in a parallel world…

Heather and Neil meet a psychic who claims, he can show them their alternate selves living in an alternate history.

FILMS… We Make Movies (2016)

A new dawn in indie filmmaking,..

With an egotistical director, his hapless friend and two wannabe actors and the girl of his dreams, join this mockumentary of the making of an Indie film.

FILMS… The Legend of Santa (2021)

Christmas comes early this year…

This film in part fact, part fiction tells how a kindly bishop became known as St. Nicholas and the legend of Father Christmas began.

FILMS… Notes (2021)

A musical cathartic conversation…

After a musician moves into a flat, he breaks up with his girlfriend and gets some comfort from an unexpected source.

FILMS… Good Business Sense (2018)

With the best of intentions, Barth makes a business proposal to Claudia…

Businessman Barth has booked a private room in a restaurant to propose marriage to his girlfriend, Claudia. In his own unorthodox style, he gets down to business.

FILMS… Stalker (2022)

Chris Watt’s claustrophobic and suspense-ridden screenplay is a film two-hander that takes you to new emotional heights…

Late one rainy night after a day at the studio, a self-absorbed B-list actress finds herself stuck in a hotel lift with a timid B-footage cameraman as a stormy night develops.