FILMS… The New Death (2017)


Death becomes him…


Meeting the man behind the cloak and scythe.


The New Death (Short Film 2017 Trailer), James Quince


So in a more random post, I recently reached 1,500 followers on Twitter. I’d like to thank you all personally for following me and putting up with my random tweeting during Finnish day hours. Mainly, as I’m still trying to work things out with how to schedule tweets rather than get up in the wee small hours, bleary eyed and tweet then. As sadly Finnish hours don’t coincide with American ones, or British. And yes. I’m still getting confused with time zone differences as my Yorkshire pal in the States’ husband can verify…

Anyway, at the 1,500 followers milestone, I found that JR was following me. Dallas synchronicity methought. As I do. At the mere mention of anything, in six degrees or more or less of Dallas. But before you expect another Dallas orientated post it was in fact the JR Quince who in his own words, describes himself as..

Actor Comedian Writer Producer. Represented by Bold Artist Management. Recently played Tim Gold (Grim Reaper) in a comedy short film ‘The New Death”

For my 1,500 follower, I’d offered a “prize” to review their favourite film. However seeing that Mr Quince had made a wee movie, I tentatively suggested a wee review for a thank you for reaching this milestone.  Which he agreed to, and here to go with his wee movie is a wee review…

The film is called A New Death and a black comedy starring Quince as Tim Gold aka The Grim Reaper. Or Death as he is now known in 2017. Still with his trademark black hooded cape and scythe, we watch an exclusive interview with Tim Gold, the latest man to take the job. Tim tells us about his everyday life in the 21st Century, battling with his difficulties in making friends where even a high 5 and dating can kill. Of course, now he has the benefits of satellite navigation and texting to help him in his everyday work…

Anyway, I’m not going to tell you more but instead urge you to check out this full movie for yourself, it’s less than 6 minutes long… So instead of watching the 6 minute trailer which introduces you to everyone and anyone in Avengers: Infinity War (2018) – which is best avoided if you know your superheroes. This only worth a watch if you confuse Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye with Arrow or Black Widow with Purple Witch. So check out Quince’s film where we are introduced to life as death knows it… it’s comedy gold!


A disclaimer and personal thank you to James Quince for asking me to write this post. Financial compensation was not received for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own. I was given access to this film in exchange for an honest review. I would also like to add that James kindly personally agreed to me using this video of his work in my blog. If you are involved in the entertainment industry and would like to be featured or promoted here, please drop a line to me via my Contact Me Page.




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