TV… Introducing Little Billy, and a Chance to make a difference!

The Simpsons Animator has a mission should you choose to accept it…


Innovative Animator Chance Raspberry hopes to take us back to the 80s to meet his new proposed animation series, Little Billy.



When I was contacted out of the blue by animator Chance Raspberry to help promote his latest innovative animation project, Little Billy, I just knew it was something I wanted to get involved with. And when you read more on this project, I‘m sure you will too.

You may have heard of Chance Raspberry before, as one of the animators behind The Simpsons (1989-) cartoons. His creativity doesn’t end there, as Raspberry is also a comic book artist and a musician. In his current work on The Simpsons, he works in the animation department as a Lead Character Layout Artist.

He also worked as an Animator on 2007’s The Simpsons Movie. Chance’s worked on my favourite Simpsons episode Eeny Teeny Maya, Moe and many more episodes.  His work on The Simpsons is listed here. However, Chance’s animation career is listed in full here on his IMDB page

However, now Chance is hoping to fund his own innovative animation series. This series is about a four-year old child, Billy Harper who has a rare neurological condition. Through this child’s story of his experiences of being different from others, Chance hopes all ages and children and adults with all kinds of differences can relate to Little Billy‘s story. 

The story is set in the 1980s and with its many pop culture references, the perfect addition for retro lovers – both older and younger – to this wonderful animated tale on how being different isn’t a bad thing!

Chance understands how it feels to be different as a child. In this proposed series, he adds an autobiographical slant to this animation series. He tells about his own experiences growing up as a child with Tourette’s Syndrome in the 1980s. And with this condition, he had boundless energy as opposed to the stereotyped Tourette’s individual often portrayed and troped in the movies. Raspberry also tells of his then sensitivity to his emotional and physical environment.  This along with his then interests increased his awareness of his differences from other children.

In Little Billy, four-year-old, Billy has a named but purely made up condition with these symptoms.  It’s hoped with this condition, all children with all kinds of differences can empathise with him. Or they can identify with the other characters in the show who will also have a wide variety of conditions. And in a genius touch as this series is set in the 1980s, so even we adults can emphasise the feelings, situations and experiences that Billy has if we too ever felt different.

As Raspberry puts it himself…

“Meet Billy Harper…the most hyperactive child in the world! As the sun sets over 1980’s suburban America, the decade that gave rise to Generation Rx is about to come face to face with Patient Zero. Hand-crafted by a lead Simpsons animator with Tourette Syndrome, this series and its creator, Chance Raspberry, invite you to be yourself, embrace what makes you “you”, and rediscover the heart, adventure, and magic of your ’80s childhood like never before with Little Billy, the world’s first and only animated series about neurodiversity, special needs, and the power of being different. If you’re not like the other kids…he’s just like you!”

However, it is now over to you to help Raspberry fund this dream comedy series. I believe it will help eradicate everyone’s fears and feelings of being different and let people of all ages feel they aren’t alone. I hope will help promote awareness, understanding and acceptance too. So if you want to see this series made you can help in a small way you can donate towards the series.

And not only will your donations go to not only will your funds go towards Little Billy being made but also a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Tourette Association of America. And you can get some great exclusive Chance Raspberry goodies along the way. Chance’s Indiegogo page is here with more about this wonderful project and the man and his motivations behind it…. so click before it closes on the 16th December!!!

I have an exclusive interview – published in my Guests and Interviews pages HERE – with  Chance Raspberry, the man behind these cartoons… along with a trailer and more pictures from this proposed series,


A disclaimer and personal thank you to Chance Raspberry for asking me to write this post. Financial compensation was not received for this post. All opinions expressed here are my own. I would also like to add that Chance kindly personally agreed to me using these videos and pictures of him and his work in my blog. If you are involved in the entertainment industry and would like to be featured or promoted here, please drop a line to me via my Contact Me Page.



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