Random Reel Stuff


Featuring even more reviews of  Films, TV, Books and more…


With pages on random film and TV related posts. Please note more film and TV review categories and lists are found in the “Film and TV” page and in the Main Features pages.


CLICK on those links to reach the reviews..


Posters & Pics

These are picture posts with Film posters and Lobby Cards…

These posts are of Good, Bad and Bizarre Film posters and lobby cards from all over the world. These may be on a specific film, acting talent or topic.

Film & TV Music

In these pages are posts about musical random stuff about TV or movies…

All musicals, soundtrack and theme tune related posts and lists regarding music in TV and film and by actors and actresses are found in these pages.

My Reel Gitterings

Gitterings are talking about random thoughts about entertainment…

So in the Gitterings pages, I’m going to gitter – just warning you, family and friends – about subjects in relation to entertainment (as I’m sure 9/10 of us do). 

Film & TV Characters

Pages about Film and TV Characters.

These pages will be about characters from film or TV lists or individual posts.

Starry Biopics

My posts with Film and TV related biopics…

On these pages you will find the great, OK and the pretty dire film and TV Biopics, with stars playing famous people who have worked in entertainment.

Stars On Location

These are picture posts from behind the scenes…

These may be on a specific film, acting talent or topic.

Love your (spoiler -free) thoughts...

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