FILMS… Spectacular Singing Film Actors


5 Film Actors who are surprisingly good singers…


This is my personal Top 5, please don’t be afraid to comment with others to add to the list.


Tiny  Tom Cruise: Rock of Ages (2012)

Tom cruise – pour some sugar on me video HD 1080p, RockyDanteDemon,

Not usually a big fan of the diminutive one, although he does sci-fi better than most. l think he is pretty damn good in this film. And the Tom with long hair look is considerably a lot more sexy too. Was pleasantly surprised at his voice, but then with only a few actors to compare him with at both ends of the spectrum Cruise Thumb is pretty good and obviously has had more practice than most in wearing high heels.

Tim Curry: Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

Rocky horror picture show – Tim “freaking hot” Curry – Sweet transvestite, Vademecum Vid,

Pretty impressive that this man can sing and strut in heels at the same time and not fall over. Co star Susan Sarandon almost totters on hers to keep up with him. Although I realise that some women been doing this since the dawn of time.  Curry proves men can multitask better than most women I know as he sings, dances and pouts at the same time to Catherine Zeta Jones proportions. Almost.

Ewan McGregor : Moulin Rouge! (2001)

Moulin Rouge! Come What May Movie Scene, Daliah44,

Wow! Didn’t know he could sing. He was bloody good in this film and surprised he hasn’t sung since as I’m sure it might have livened up a few of his later performances. But not the Star Wars prequels, even McGregor’s singing couldn’t save that particular trilogy.

Pierce Brosnan : Mamma Mia (2008)

Mamma Mia Our Last Summer, Graham Kelly,

OK, He’s been slated for this film. But his delivery is much more enthusiastic and heartfelt than the others in this list and that’s what makes him more endearing. Whereas the others can sing, this man had the guts to sing with opera trained Meryl Streep and he sort of pulled it off. Which for sheer determination and courage deserves a number 2 spot.

Paul Giamatti : Duets (2000)

Duets – Paul Giamatti – Try A Little Tenderness, little clown,

Not seen the film, but looked more into it, after hearing Giamatti’s songs were kept in this but mercilessly cut out of Rock of Ages (2012).  This is more than a bit unfair as a. Giamatti has a bloody good voice  b. Diego Boneta (forgettable) male lead has a lot less audience appeal so could have easily cut one of this songs. Paul Giamatti’s character as Tiny Tom’s manager was much more memorable..

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