FILMS… The Secret of Dorian Gray (1970) : Film Posters


Film posters on that Dorian Gray film from the seventies…


You’ve read the review now check out these film posters.



So in the first of my Posters and Pics pages, I’ve found some great film posters featuring the lovely Helmut Berger in The Secret of Dorian Gray (1970). I reviewed this film HERE. As Helmut Berger himself inspired me to add this page, after seeing those groovy 1970s credits and the posters while researching more on this movie. The film telling of the man who traded his soul for eternal youth with his portrait taking the brunt of his lifestyle.


So first let’s go to Italy…


The original Italian title for this movie, Il Dio Chiamato Dorian translates to A God named Dorian which kind of sums this movie up. with literally everyone falling for the lovely Helmut.  This film was originally in Italian and then was (sadly) dubbed into English, with the exception of Herbert Lom.

I do love the first of those posters with its cool 70s font, photos and colours, it makes you keen to see the movie although both of them look more like a Confessions of a (Busdriver???) film…


Onto the English Language posters

Love these rather cool and funky 70s English posters above… and adore those taglines. The third poster reminds me of the painting in the film, and the poster was designed by Ted Coconis.  Coconis is an artist who also created film posters for Labyrinth (1986) and Fiddler on the Roof (1971). Although that last one is a wee bit bizarre and arty for my tastes.


To the Spanish one…

This one includes the picture from the movie (from before Dorian embarked on his hedonistic life) along with some nice wee pics inspired by the movie. The Spanish title also translates as The Portrait of Dorian Gray. But somehow this title sounds more dramatic and exciting in this language. And this one’s probably the one that I’d get some sort of idea about the plot compared to the others.


Onto France…


Another great film poster of the movie, the French title translating as The Depraved… which looks like a Bond film poster and doesn’t really tell me much.


And finally to Germany…

Finally, the German language poster,  which the tagline translates as “The exciting love story of a wild (or should that be Wilde.. as in Oscar Wilde) unrestrained love”. The title again is translated as The Picture of Dorian Gray.  It also proves Helmut Berger is as pretty as his picture… in er lots of different positions.



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