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Flashbacking to the Fisher Princess’s Funniest Film Moments…


As the news broke of this actress’s death, I was like other Carrie Fisher fans, numb and hurting that 2016 had stolen this wonderful lady, authoress and actress.



Before I met Darlin’ Husband, I’d known and loved Carrie Fisher due to her wonderful supporting role in a favourite rom-com, When Harry Met Sally. I’d also seen and loved her in a couple of her other supporting roles in the excellent Soapdish and Sibling Rivalry (1990) comedies. Strangely, I hadn’t connected this lady with being the same actress who was Princess Leia.

However, Darlin Husband reintroduced me the earlier Star Wars films with Princess Leia and then to her fantastic roles in The Blues Brothers and Jay and Bob Strike Back. He recently bought me a copy of her recent autobiography, The Princess Diarist, which I hope to review for you soon. So it was with much shock for me and the rest of you, when the news broke of Carrie Fisher’s death shortly after Christmas. I’d hoped like the rest of you that she’d return to our screens and our bookshelves. This is my tribute to Carrie.


The Blues Brothers (1980)

Blues Brothers Tunnel Scene, rumblingthunder,

On his release from jail, Jake, along with his brother Elwood hopes to get his old band together which broke up while he was in jail. The guys hope to raise the money to save the children’s home they were brought up in. With a multitude of musician cameos, acting cameos and Carrie, its one of the best movies from the 1980s. Appearances include John Candy, Aretha Franklin and even it’s director John Landis gets in on the action.

However, despite the fact Carrie doesn’t sing, she does leave a memorable impression. I loved her role in this movie as “Mystery Woman”. She is later revealed Jake’s vengeful ex-fiance.  Carrie’s character has lots of fun moments attempting revenge on her ex-lover in a wide range of outlandish ways and living up to the phrase “Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned”…


When Harry Met Sally (1989)

When Harry Met Sally… | “The Wagon Wheel Coffee Table”, TheFunFlicks.

This is probably one of the best of the girl meets boy movies telling about the will they? won’t they relationship between Harry Burns and Sally Albright. Carrie steals the show as Marie from Meg Ryan’s Sally as my favourite comic female character in this movie which is reviewed HERE.

As Sally’s best friend Marie, we meet her and her box file of potential dating partners as she talks with Sally and a friend. Marie moans about her married boyfriend, with Sally fixing her up on a double date with Harry (Billy Crystal) and his best friend Jess (Bruno Kirby). Harry and Marie have no chemistry, and neither do Jess and Sally. However after Marie quotes a random magazine article Jess has written, Jess is impressed. The two fall into conversation and in love. The pair’s romance leads to lots of so of great moments in the film as they move in with each other, get engaged and… In seeing this particular couple’s relationship from their first meeting onwards, this movie could easily have been retitled. And this title used, especially if the film had followed its original script where Harry and Sally did not end up together. With the title being When Jess Met Marie.


Soapdish (1991)

Soapdish (1/10) Movie CLIP – When Can You Start? (1991) HD, Movieclips,

Soapdish (1991) is a wonderful ensemble comedy with Sally Field, Terri Hatcher, Robert Downey Jnr, Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Kline and Elisabeth Shue all acting alongside Carrie. The story tells of the behind the scenes of the soap “The Sun Also Sets” and the film produced by Aaron Spelling with a cameo from Garry Marshall. The story tells of the attempts by the love struck producer David – played by Robert Downey Jnr – to make his fearsome, actress girlfriend Montana (Cathy Moriarty), the main star. He aims to do this by discrediting and unnerving the soap’s favourite star Celeste (Field). He does this with by making her an unpopular storyline and bringing back her old flame – Jeffrey (Kline) – from the acting world as Celeste’s character’s love interest. The plot on and off screen leads to more twists and turns than the average episode of Dynasty (Spelling coincidentally being the producer of this prime time soap).

Carrie has a small but fun role as the casting director Betsy, and has a fun role in discussing potential story lines and selecting the right man for the job..


Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001)

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – The Book (Part 2), Stan Murphy, www,

In this film, telling one of many tales of Jay (Jason Mewes) and his bromance with Silent Bob (Kevin Smith). It tells how the intrepid pair set off to wreck a movie adaptation of their comic book as they have received no money or credit for the adaptation. Worse still their names are in the mud. Leading to lots of crazy moments including those with Carrie and her Star Wars co-star, Mark Hamill. It also stars some familiar faces such as Brian O’Halloran, Judd Nelson and Matt Damon.

En route Bob and Jay are advised about “The Book of the Road” by George Carlin’s hitchhiker character. He advises that all drivers know about the book. Also in that referring to it, will lead to hitchiker providing sexual favours in return for a lift. Carrie plays a nun who in referring to the Bible as the book, has her good intentions misinterpreted by the guys..


And as Princess Leia in the Star Wars movies…

Star Wars Episode 5 “Half-Witted, Scruffy Looking, Nerf Herder, Master Shardul

I’m not going to tell you the plot of all the Star Wars films she’s been in, it is of course Princess Leia’s romance with Hans Solo (Harrison Ford) that makes me smile. The pair had a great comic chemistry on-screen and I must admit to sobbing during their final scenes together as last year. I would have preferred to see more of their love story between them that awful love story and plot that monopolised the prequels. But to end on a more cheerful note, Carrie’s scene here -as seen above – with Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill gets me laughing every time… all of the time.


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