FILM and TV… Come Remember With Me, The Lovely Dale Winton


Recalling Dale Winton as not just the Supermarket Sweep presenter…


Remembering this sometimes actor, often games show host or guest, always Great  British National Treasure.


SuperMarket Sweep – Dale Winton – Will You Dance With me, puglet1

I was sad to hear of the passing of another much-loved British celebrity, Dale Winton. Dale Winton was famed for his engaging, exuberant and charming persona in front of the camera. This combined with his wonderful sweet, charismatic manner made him one of Britain’s more likeable TV personalities. And it was his numerous TV appearances as games show host and as a sometimes actor that I’ll remember him for.

Here are just a few of his more endearingly wonderful moments from these appearances, starting with the games show category…


As Games Show Host…

Supermarket Sweep UK Intro and Theme – Dale Winton – 1990s, Retro TV Videos

Winton will always be remembered as a genial and loveable games show host. He presented many TV games shows such as Dale’s Supermarket Sweep (1993-2001), Pets Win Prizes (1996) and Hole in the Wall (2008), Which despite their almost ridiculous premiss or complicated or downright silly rules, his boundless enthusiasm put them in the endearing entertainment category. This rather than the cheesy, typically British ones centring around snooker or darts.

With Supermarket Sweep his most famous, which ran for 8 impressive years in games show years. This show with a viewing time at about just after breakfast TV in the morning was an essential post hangover TV for students and shift workers. However in all his host games show roles, Winton presented in a genuinely easygoing and personable way in which he made his contestants feel at ease. And erm, even led to a cheesy musical hit for Winton with more about this later.

Supermarket Sweep had three teams of two normally housewife or student contestants, in this very confusing ruled quiz show. Three pairs of contestants answered questions followed by a timed trolley dash with those with the highest costing contents reaching the final. It does seem to be terribly complicated as to how those final trolley totals were added with way too many bonuses and deductions… that only Carol Vorderman could calculate.

Anyway, the winning two were timed answering three clues, by collecting them from the shop (cue even more dashing around a supermarket) to win the jackpot or they’d only get the equivalent in money from their shopping cart total. And through all of this, supported by our host with the most and his glamorous assistants.


As an Actor…

Trainspotting – “I’m on the Junky Limbo”, Luis Pereira

Winton also starred in a number of films and TV as a screen version of himself or his persona as a games show host. Be it in British comedies such as appearing as himself in Come Fly with Me (2012) or Drop the Dead Donkey (1996) or as a games show host in Trainspotting (1986).

In a total departure for this games show host role, he also appeared in a mockumentary where he married pretty TV blonde, Nell McAndrew. And in a role parodying Downtown Abbey for Comic Relief. Come Fly With Me was a mockumentary way about life in a busy airport satirising the TV Documentary Airport (1996-2008).

This show had an array of characters from David Walliams and Matt Lucas.  In Winton’s all to brief acting appearance here,  he presents “Steward of the Year” to air steward, Ferghal (Matt Lucas). Winton steals the show from Lucas, gently mocking himself.

In Trainspotting, he played the “Irritating Games Show Host”, who Ewan McGregor’s Renton hallucinates about as he comes off heroin. Renton believes he sees and hears his parents as Winton’s games show contestants. As Winton almost seems like an over-exaggerated and tormenting, version of himself with a sparkly sequined suit asking them endless questions.

However, Dale Winton will be looked back on it will always be with his easy-going, his energy, enthusiasm and sweet nature. But now it seems posthumously, he will also be remembered for his one-hit wonder, Supermarket Sweep (Will You Dance With Me). The song complete with his backing singers the Bar Codes and accompanying dance routine, Dale might sweep the charts yet…



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