FILMS… Tributing a Musical Tab Hunter


Remembering Tab Hunter reproducing a track in Grease 2…


Hunter made a headlining star appearance as a hot biology teacher, Mr Stuart in the second of those musical movies.


Grease 2 – reproduction scene (High quality), random shizz


Recently, I was saddened to hear of Tab Hunter passing away. Hunter, an actor in TV, films and pop singer was a 1950s heartthrob for many. Although I’d watched a number of those TV shows he’d starred in – The Fall Guy (1981-86), The Love Boat (1977-87) and Charlie’s Angels (1976-81) – I didn’t remember him in these guest star roles.

However, on looking at his CV in movies, I only remembered him in one movie. Grease 2 (1982) or as it’s known universally as Grease 2, The Guilty Pleasure. Or to my little sister as the Grease film that introduced us to the delights of Maxwell Caulfield and for men everywhere, a young Michelle Pfeiffer. Like its predecessor Grease (1978), it’s a musical. And the plot of the sequel… as I described it in my wee guilty pleasure review of it;

A musical sequel about the Rydell High’s newboy Englishman’s love for a Pink Lady with lots of singing and dancing…

The plot has Caulfield as Englishman, Michael Carrington who attends Rydell High school a few years after Sandy, Rizzo and co have left. Carrington befriends the Pink Lady, Stephanie (Pfeiffer) and falls for her. Then finds out she’d prefer a cool motorbike riding type bloke, so Michael learns how to ride a motorcycle. Stephanie falls for his alter ego…

Tab Hunter starred in this film as biology teacher Mr Stuart. And the only teacher with the chance to sing a song on this soundtrack. The song, of course, is the one you don’t sing unless I guess you are totally drunk or your parents aren’t in earshot (no matter what age you are).

It’s the song titled Reproduction.. .and the one I got most embarrassed watching and listening to during my first showing. To be fair, firstly I was an awkward teen. And secondly, I was watching with my wee sister who was four years younger than me. But luckily the charms of Caulfield were there to distract us.

In Grease 2, Hunter plays a hot substitute Biology teacher who immediately gets the attention of his class. But not surprisingly for his looks, but with reproduction as the topic of the day. The most noticeable of his admirers was one of his colleagues with Ms Mason (Connie Stevens) taking an immediate shine to him. And I’m sure there were a few adolescent first crushes felt amongst his class. If they were anything like the girls in my class!

I remember when we got a new young male music teacher, he definitely set a few girls hearts aflutter. I personally wouldn’t add him to my list of adolescent crushes, but with only women teachers, he was a bit of a novelty. And everyone spent hours working out just what his first initial stood for if he was married etc. And last time I looked at my school website  – yes I’m that sad – he’s still there. And probably possibly a silver fox by now.

This wasn’t the first musical excursion for Tab Hunter. He released a few records back in the day and more recently.  I’ll admit my musical taste is much more retro than modern music. So I did a wee bit of research on him as I’m musically clueless unless it’s on a soundtrack.

So, it appears Tab Hunter sang some of my favourite tunes including I Don’t Know Why I Love You But I Do (1961), The Way You Look Tonight (1961) and more. But first and foremost when I recall his music, it will be that Reproduction of a hit in the Grease 2 soundtrack, that strikes a chord.



2 thoughts on “FILMS… Tributing a Musical Tab Hunter

  1. I’m so saddened to know this. I had not heard about him. I liked him as the substitute teacher and leading the Reproduction song. The entire cast was incredible and most may have been like 30 at the time but it just worked back then. Love it.

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