FILMS and TV… Still Adoring an Always Entertaining Blogging Friend Patricia Nolan Hall, the Caftan Woman

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Remembering Paddy in her words and pictures…


My tribute and memories of this wonderful inspiring blogger who added her presence to my blog.


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In my just over 6½ years as a blogger on all things entertainment, I was overwhelmed at first by the kindness of blogging strangers as I became part of the entertainment blogger’s close community. This as these strangers became good friends as we got to know each other through our posts, comments and blogathons.

One such blogger who I met was Paddy, the writer at Caftan Woman, who welcomed me to this community and always supported me and other bloggers as a writer and blogathon host with her always wonderful comments and private messages.

So it really hit us film and TV bloggers really hard recently when we learned that Paddy had passed away. It had an extra poignancy for me as she had just days before her passing contributed a post on Maverick, a TV Show to my Wilhelm Scream blogathon. This series was one she obviously loved as it was the second time she had chosen to review this subject, and her love of this series was felt once more in her affectionate review.

On the 7th of March, I learnt about her passing and then I identified with the pain many of us bloggers felt on hearing this devastating news. I attended Paddy’s online remembrance service and for the benefit of those of you who couldn’t go, it was a wonderfully warm and fitting tribute to this lovely lady. Paddy’s absence is still felt today, and just reading those many, much-deserved tweets, posts and heartfelt comments to her family, you’ll note that she was there for all of us, and we all consistently agreed on her many attributes.

I like countless others had always valued her online friendship, her support for my blogathons and the many personal anecdotes and comments that she left for me on many of my blog posts. Each of her contributions to my blog was well thought out and meant so much. These always showed her love of film and TV, of her family and life. On a personal note, Paddy and I often chatted privately and I always valued these more personal conversations.

Below are just some of those comments which I’m sharing with you now as my tribute to her. These are her exact words as quoted from my comments. More of her comments can be found throughout this blog, as these are just a few. The slideshow above tells of her contributions to my blogathons.. which you will discover in her wonderful blog HERE, along with her personal treasure trove of reviews on classic movies, TV and more…

Like other bloggers, when writing her comments I feel that Paddy’s personality came through every time. You’ll find comments here showing her as a proud mum, wife, daughter and sister, a supportive blogging friend, a blogathon supporter and so much more. Click on the blue links if you want to read the post that she commented on.


Paddy’s always pertinent personal memories and her love for her family…

Alfred Hitchcock Presents (1958) Lamb to the Slaughter

As a loving wife… on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Lamb to the Slaughter (1958)…

Terrific review of a classic television episode. I always find writing about episodic television a challenge and you carried it off with ease.

I think the producers of the updated series must have looked at this genuine classic and rightly assumed that they couldn’t do any better.

PS: Whenever I take a piece of meat out of the freezer to thaw my hubby goes into an act complete with cowering and begging for his life. Hitchcock is influential in more ways than he imagined.


The Beautician and the Beast (1997)

… and on The Beautician and The Beast (1997)

This sounds like a very pleasant and amusing way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I shall certainly keep my eyes open. Dalton is an impressively versatile actor. I’ll have to choose a time when the hubby is out or all he’ll do is complain about Drescher’s voice.


No True Scotsman…

As a proud mum… on the No True Scotsman Blogathon Day 2

My son is a Disney-obsessed developmentally delayed fellow on the Autism spectrum, and “we” have never heard of this short. I guess there are limits to anyone’s fandom. He also has when I call the accent gene and does more than credible Goofy, Scrooge McDuck, etc. It is hysterical when we’re out in public and he chooses to respond in whatever character has taken over his brain.

Nonetheless, I am very curious about seeing this missing link myself. The theme to DuckTales is now running through my head and will be doing so for at least a couple of days. Thanks for a fascinating read and all the information with which I will either bore or fascinate my daughter. She doesn’t have any diagnosis like her brother, but she is a professional animator so – yea, crazy.


Where Eagles Dare (1968)

As a daughter… on Where Eagles Dare (1968)

Great choice for this blogathon. A dashing adventure that I remember watching with my dad years ago. I haven’t seen it in years and you have definitely pushed me in its direction.


Hot Fuzz (2007)

As a sister… on Hot Fuzz (2007)

Such a hoot! And I am referring to your article as well as the movie. My second kid sister (I have three) reveres this comedy and I was skeptical when she told me I had to watch it. I’ll never be that skeptical again.



Paddy sharing her own wonderful personal memories and so much more…

McMillan & Wife (1973), Death of a Monster… Birth of a Legend S3, Ep 1

on McMillan & Wife (1973)…

I got a great kick out of revisiting this episode, and Rock in a kilt, with you. I’m beginning to think from old movies and shows that the only reason for renovating is so that you will have a convenient wall behind which to hide the bodies of enemies.

This fun episode was directed by Daniel Petrie. He was born in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia home of my “great grandparents, uncles, aunts”, etc. By the time I came along the next generation had moved to New Glasgow.


Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)

on Arsenic and Old Lace (1944)…

I have a soft spot in my heart for Arsenic and Old Lace having played Aunt Abby in a community theatre production of the play. I really get a kick out of Cary Grant as Mortimer and think he is too hard on himself. After all, this is Arsenic and Old Lace where everything is a littel out of whack.

Like most Boris Karloff fans, I wish he had been able to repeat his Broadway success in the movie, but I have no complaints about versatile Raymond Massey tackling Jonathan. He and Lorre were a hoot. It is grand that the original ladies from Broadway, Josephine Hutchison and Jean Adair, along with John Alexander as Teddy, were able to make it to the screen.

Thank you! All these years I thought Percy Faith did the music for A Summer Place, but that was only because of his hit record. Max Steiner is the man! Love learning something new.


Annie (1982)

on Annie (1982)

I loved reading your connection and affection for Annie. Back in the 1980s I was in the ensemble of a community theatre production of Annie. I absolutely love the show and all of the songs and get a warm feeling in my heart hearing any of the music. A current revival is running in Toronto with Lesley Nichol playing Miss Hannigan. I hope I can scrape up the money for a ticket before it closes.


The Karate Killers (1967)

on The Man from UNCLE (1967)…

Apropos of nothing, when I was a little kid I always called Leo G. Carroll “Mr. Man from UNCLE.” Smart kid, eh?

This sounds like a hoot. I watched the “face” compilation recently and got a kick out of it.


Genevieve (1953)

and on Genevieve (1953)

I recently watched Tiger Bay as well. I hadn’t seen it for many years and I was very impressed.

As for your comedy selections, you hit me where I live. Our first family pet was a black cat we named Ambrose Claverhouse!



Paddy’s always supportive comments on my posts…

The Devil’s Daughter (1973)

… on The Devil’s Daughter (1973)

I don’t remember watching this one, but the cast of familiar folks make it seem perfect for this time of year. Thanks for pointing me in its direction and for your (as always) entertaining critique.


Never too Young to Die ()

…. on Never too Young to Die (1986) …

“Bat shit crazy – in a good way.” Only you can get away with a line like that! (I spewed my Mocha on my desk!)


Venom (1981)

… on Venom (1981)

Oh my gosh! How you do crack me up! I swear I get more fun reading you writing about some of these movies than I could ever have watching them. However, your description of the performances here make me think Venom would certainly live up to your critique.


Paddy’s always endearing friendship on my blogging yearly blogging anniversary…

after… 50 months

We’re all glad you joined the party!

Time flies, doesn’t it? It is rather scary to find that I am thinking about what to post three or four months down the line!



and after 6 years

Congratulations. You’re a keeper! We are so glad you are here and expect to enjoy many more great articles in the years to come.



Paddy’s enthusiasm for my blogathons…

James Garner…

For James Garner

I’ve (finally!) settled on “Maverick” 1957-1961. I’d like to write a piece on three episodes that highlight James Garner’s range and why this series made him a star: Seed of Deception, The Rivals, and The Saga of Waco Williams.



For the Wilhelm Scream Blogathon…

Maverick: The Savage Hills, 1958 is my Wilhelm Scream choice. (Since when is @CaftanWoman not in a Maverick mood?)


For the Bond, not Bond Blogathon…

Wonderful wrap up to the blogathon that keeps on giving!



Paddy shares her never ending film knowledge…

Garbo Talks (1984)

On Garbo Talks (1984)…

Garbo Talks has an undeniable charm for this classic movie fan, but I haven’t seen it past my initial viewing. Reading your article, I wonder what would stand out to me today.

Camille is indeed one of the classic tragic romances and the MGM movie is marvelous. I didn’t always think so when I was going through a cynical stage, but I got my love for it back a few months ago.

NOTE: Your auto-correct (or gremlins) transposed “Harvey Weinstein” for Harvey Fierstein.


Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women (1979)

On Mysterious Island of Beautiful Women (1979)…

Well, this sounds slightly amusing. 70s guys! Geesh.

I remember when a group of men had to go to another planet to find a women only population. In Abbott and Costello Go to Mars (they actually landed on Venus, so why the title is Mars…who knows?) they cast the planet with Mari Blanchard and a selection of Miss Universe contestants.



Times I knew Paddy as a lover of all kinds of movies…

Family Plot (1976)

… on Family Plot (1976)

Terrific review. Hitch never lost his creative edge. I love how he kept moving forward, switching up his game and pushing envelopes.


Leon : The Professional (1994)

… on Leon (1994)

A unique pairing makes this a crime drama worth seeking out. I appreciated your critique and the mention of those cut scenes.


La Bamba (1987)

… on La Bamba (1987)

I haven’t seen this movie since it was originally released. I always remember how tragically young Ritchie Valens was at the time of the accident, but those pictures remind me of how young Lou Diamond Phillips (and I) were in 1987.


Chicago (2002)

… on Chicago (2002)

It took a long time for the musical version of Chicago to get to the big screen, but it was certainly well worth the wait. An impeccable cast captured all the irony from the original play, and none of it is lost on 21st century audiences. People don’t change very much, do they?

I recently saw the 1927 version with live accompaniment from a jazz trio. It was great! I saw the Wellman picture with Ginger Rogers once, but it was a long time ago and I don’t recall it very well. Chita Rivera rules!


Burn After Reading (2008)

… On Burn After Reading (2008)

I love the circuitous and witty script. A total MacGuffin and a grand review.


Marnie (1964)

… on Marnie (1964)

Excellent review. Marnie is not an easy movie nor an easy character. The Herrmann score does as much as the filming and the acting to make us understand and want to understand this compelling movie.



Paddy as a TV viewer of all sorts…

Circle of Fear (1973)

On Night of the Lepus (1972).. but in a comment for Circle of Fear (1972)

Gee, I’d forgotten Rory Calhoun was in Night of the Lepus. I must have been concentrating on Stuart Whitman.

I’d never heard of this program, in either version. I’m constantly surprised at how many TV shows I haven’t seen, for someone who thinks she’s spent her life watching too much television.

You have pointed out Janet Leigh’s credentials as a scream queen, but that isn’t how I think of her. Her comedies come to mind first. Versatility is her middle name.


Fame (1982-87) S2, Ep 19, Not In Kansas Anymore

on Fame (1982-87)

I always get a kick out of a show spreading its wings with musical numbers or a spoof/homage. In the case of Fame, we expect the music but the salute to a classic is fun. It isn’t the most memorable Oz tribute, but as you said, the enthusiasm carries it a long way.


Paddy’s thoughts about actors, actresses and others…

As Lex Luthor

As a Gene Hackman Fan… 

You chose such interesting and eclectic examples from Gene Hackman’s stellar career. He could do it all, and he did! I appreciate his comedic abilities and admire his quiet retirement and further career as an author.


Ronald Neame Book

On Ronald Neame

Ronald Neame – an honoured and familiar name, but until today I was unaware of what sounds like a very interesting book. It heads the New Year’s list.


Frances (1982)

On Frances (1982) (and her thoughts on Frances Farmer)…

I read Will There Really Be a Morning years ago but haven’t seen the films based on Frances Farmer’s life. Nonetheless, I was very pleased to have read all of the information and research you gathered to try and untangle the mess of falsehoods and misinformation. Surely, truth would be more satisfying than fiction in this case.



And Paddy remembered others with me in my Remembrance Posts…

Peter Bogdanovich in Northern Exposure…

An absolutely charming article and charming program. Peter Bogdanovich was a unique creative, and a true passionate movie fan to whom we owe much.



Betty White in The Golden Girls…

A lovely and thoughtful article that is both a tribute to Betty White and to the best of the writing for The Golden Girls. It is easy to see why the cast and the program retain their hold on audiences which continues to grow.



Dean Stockwell in Quantum Leap…

A very nice tribute to look at this special episode of Quantum Leap. A local channel recently finished a nightly run of the series and has gone back to the beginning. A truly addictive program.



and ones that sum up Paddy in every way…

…on a post on Henry VIII in the movies

“Superinto” sounds like a perfect word to me (not that I ever obsess over any of MY shows).

I’ve never seen the Carry On movie. I know I would get a kick out of it. It is very interesting that the Burton costume was recycled.

The hubby is more of a Tudor freak than I, but once you get dragged into that world it is very difficult to escape if you want to.


Airport (1970)

On Airport (1970)…

The original Airport is one of my comfort movies, but I don’t believe I’ve watched any of the sequels more than once. Nonetheless, I roared with laughter enjoying your pithy review. The idea of your idea of sequels is wonderful. And, I do not believe for one moment that “no pun was intended” you punster you!


Finally, if a picture paints a thousand words, then I hope my (and Paddy’s) nearly 3000 words have painted a picture of this much loved, much missed Paddy Nolan Hall. I am sending my love and support to her family and blogging friends at this time. Finally, to quote once more, but with a personal quote from her from our personal chats from her to me, and this comment I hold dear. And now I’m saying it back to her,

I’m glad the Internet brought us together…


Caftan Woman Blogathon: Honouring Patricia Nolan-Hall 2022, No 11

This tribute was added to Lady Eve’s Reel Life and Another Old Movie Blog‘s The Caftan Woman Blogathon: Honouring Patricia Nolan-Hall. Other posts that Paddy added comments to included Gypsy, This House Possessed, I Don’t Want to be Born / The Devil Within Her / The Monster / Sharon’s Baby,  Charlie’s Angels, Gable and Lombard, I Could Go On Singing and The Paradine Case.




24 thoughts on “FILMS and TV… Still Adoring an Always Entertaining Blogging Friend Patricia Nolan Hall, the Caftan Woman

  1. What a wonderful tribute to Paddy. Thanks so much for joining the blogathon in her honor. It was fun to visit with her again through your posting of her words. I know she had mentioned over the years her participation in community theatre — how great it would have been to see her on stage.

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  2. This is such a beautiful tribute to Paddy. I am not ashamed to admit I broke down crying when I learned of her death and I broke down crying again when I realized her final blog post was for my Favourite TV Show Blogathon. She was such a wonderful presence in the lives of so many bloggers. She was always so enthusiastic and so supportive. I don’t think any of us could have asked for a better friend than Paddy.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Paddy was an original, no doubt, and it’s a joy to read her thoughts – in relation to yours – and feel her presence and “hear” her again (her wit and whimsy and all the many things that made up her unique voice). I have to add, I always thought Percy Faith composed the theme from “A Summer Place” – so it was Max Steiner after all – who knew…

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  4. Beautiful tribute, Gill. As I wrote for Aurora, nothing better than reading her own words for us to measure her a friend – and what a friend! She is already missed.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is why I’ve done something sports teams do when they lose a legend. Now, on the main logo on my site, there is a small black patch with the letters “CW” for Caftan Woman.

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