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Specifically Stars Pages are lists about one individual performer ...


Examples could be “5 Films where Sean Bean gets killed” or “5 Leonardo DiCaprio Weepers”. 


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Patrick Duffy Performances

The Man from Dallas…

For St Patrick’s Day, one of the most famous of Patricks will be honoured, it’s Dallas’s Patrick Duffy.

Andrew McCarthy Against The Odds Romances

Heaven help me, 5 Times that Andrew McCarthy won my heart…

As a teen – and for a wee while after that – I confess to having a bit of a crush on Andrew McCarthy, famed for his sensitive roles… and usually falling for a girl but she usually came with some catch!

The Best of British, Ian McShane.

From Cheeky British Chappie to Dallas to God like parts…

Ian McShane has always been there in movies, on TV and now making his God-like presence known..

Michael Caine Mini Retro Reviews

Remembering Some Retro Reels from Caine from the Seventies and Eighties…

Over many, many years in show business Michael Caine has starred with four men who played Bond… Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan and Woody Allen. These movies are not them.