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Specifically Starring Pages are lists about one particular performer or and their work. An example could be “5 Films where Sean Bean gets killed” or “5 Movies that Leonardo DiCaprio should have won an Oscar for” …  


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5 Performances from Patrick Duffy

Specifically Starring No 1

The Man from Dallas.

For St Patrick’s Day, one of the most famous of Patricks will be honoured, it’s Dallas’s Patrick Duffy.

5 Andrew McCarthy Against All Odds Romances

Specifically Starring No 2

Heaven help me, 5 Times that Andrew McCarthy won my heart.

As a teen – and for a wee while after that – I confess to having a bit of a crush on Andrew McCarthy, famed for his sensitive roles… and usually falling for a girl but she usually came with some catch!

5 Golden Hollywood Greats

Specifically Starring No 3

Memories of 5 Wonderful Stars of Yesteryear that I Adore.

If you asked me to go back to the Golden Years of Hollywood, this would be the list of actors and actresses that would be listed as my favourites of this time