2010s, Action, Crime, Drama, Film Review, Film-Noir, Main Features

John Wick : Chapter 2 (2017)

New Dog, Old Tricks... So will John Wick enjoy a nice, relaxing retirement?

2010s, Action, Biopic, Comedy, Film Review, Main Features

The Walk (2015)

Main Features No 61 A High Ambition for a Little Walk. The true biopic about Philippe Petit, a highwire artist who walked between the Twin Towers in 1974.

2000s, Action, Animation, Blogathon, Comedy, Main Features, Musical, War

Team America : World Police (2004)

Not Thunderbirds, but Team America (F*** yeah!) Clichés and tropes aplenty as a Broadway actor is recruited by an anti terrorist team to save the world. As you do.

2010s, Action, Film Review, Main Features, Superhero

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Main Features No 40 Team Cap vs Team Iron Man... Captain America and Iron Man disagree with each other on the new UN policy on superheroes causing a divide between the superheroes...

1980s, Action, Crime, Film Review, Main Features, Sci-fi

Outland (1981)

Main Features No 38 Sean's Sci-Fi Sheriff Solves Space Skulduggery.. On the planet Io, Federal Marshall O'Niel investigates the reasons for deaths at a mining factory, discovering there is more to it than he expected....